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Construction not Disruption: “Business as Usual” for Customer

Imagine trying to conduct “business as usual” in a building that is being renovated with a new interior second floor addition - that’s exactly what happened on this project . . . learn about it here

Danbro VP, Pat Haffert, Provides Insight on What has to be One of the Toughest-Ever Helical Installs

Access was severely limited, both overhead in the interior (in addition to tight spots) and underneath the boardwalk where the helical to bracket to floor joists connections took place, and all of the bracket connection work had to be done at low tide . . . more

Roterra Piling is Manufacturing & Installing (1,534) 5.5” Helical Piles for a Solar Power Plant Next to a Canadian Industrial Complex . . . learn about it here

PierTech Announces New Sister Company and Welcomes Principal Engineer Bret Anderson to the PierTech Team  . . . learn about it here

GoliathTech Issues a Press Release about the Company’s Recent Purchase of (3) State-of-the-Art Machines for Its Manufacturing Facility . . . read it now

IDEAL Group - Helical Piles in an Active Stone Mine in Missouri

Challenges included extreme overhead restrictions (6’-6”) and width restrictions (8’-6”) inside an existing building where the primary crusher is housed . . . more

When to Evaluate Helical Pile Bucking Capacity by Supportworks Engineer Don Deardorff, P.E.

Helical piles are slender deep foundation elements, and evaluating buckling potential should be part of the design process for every helical pile project that involves compression loading . . . click here to read the article

EAS Teams with Breslin Contracting to Continue Improving the City of Wilmington

CHANCE’s helical pile material (RS2875.276) saved the owners valuable time while cutting costs . . .learn more

Highway Heavy and Helicals by Danbro VP Pat Haffert

A series of recent transportation/highway tiebacks for the New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT) I-295/I-76/Route 42 Interchange project illustrate the increasing recognition of the viability of helical anchors for earth retention on highways and bridges . . . more

Earth Anchoring Suppliers Working Closely with CHANCE® Marketing Specialist: Five Questions with Sarah Banks

Sarah is a Marketing Specialist for the Hubbell Enterprise Marketing Division – responsible for CHANCE® Civil Construction, and Sarah works closely with Earth Anchoring Suppliers and all the CHANCE Distributors . . . more

Why All Helical Piles Aren’t Made the Same

GoliathTech’s article walks readers through the significance of why a true helix bearing plate is so critically important for achieving accurate and predictable bearing capacities . . . more

Marketing Your Business: Perform On Site Promote On Line

Danbro marketing VP, Pat Haffert, has spent the past twenty three years in the helical business, and he offers some sage advice for promoting the marketing of your contracting business . . . more

Earth Anchoring Suppliers is Surveying the Engineering Community to Help Steer Their 2021 Education Initiatives

EAS is soliciting engineers for their input by taking a 90-second survey . . . more

Helicals for Walkways: The Green Alternative

Danbro’s Pat Haffert provides excellent insight on the use of helical piles for the construction of walkways while preserving environmentally sensitive areas . . . more

Roterra Installs (664) Large Capacity Helical Piles in the Rocky Mountains to Start 2021

Roterra was engaged by a developer for a residential complex in the Rocky Mountains that included town homes, apartment buildings and amenities facilities . . . more

How Deep Foundation Training Benefits Contractors and Installers

For decades, contractors have relied on CHANCE® University for comprehensive deep foundation training with helical piles and resistance piers . . . more

Ram Jack is First Helical Pile Manufacturer to Receive Its Revised ESR-1854 that Now Includes Compliance to the Seismic Design Categories D, E and F

Ram Jack takes the lead on this important issue of having code-approved products for engineers to specify for projects in the high seismic zones . . . more

Pier Tech Promotes Using Helical Piles as a Preferred Foundation Solution Versus Concrete Footings . . . click here to learn more

Pier Tech Says There is No Reason to Delay Helical Pile Deep Foundation Projects During the Winter . . . click here to learn more

Improve Your Design with HeliCAP3.0

Intech Anchoring’s Sean Hibbits explains how the HeliCAP optimization program saved several thousand dollars on a foundation system by creating a much more accurate design . . . more

Helicals for Power Plants by Danbro’s Pat Haffert

If the various advantages and benefits of specifying helical piles and anchors for deep foundations could be condensed into two words, they would probably be “site friendly” . . . more

Earth Anchoring Suppliers; Installer Insights - Breslin Contracting of Delaware

EAS’s Chelsea Kiesling interviewed Breslin employees to discuss their roles, history and passions plus to get a glimpse of what life is like for contractors in the COVID world . . . more

Roterra’s Helical Piles were Recently Selected as the Preferred Deep Foundation Solution for a New Two-Story Crematorium

The largest of the helical piles on this project was a triple 34” (864mm) helix diameter with 1” thick 50W plate . . . more

Eisenhower Golf Course gets Back in the Swing with Some Helical Help!

In 2018 the owners of Eisenhower Golf Course began work to refurbish both courses and ultimately decided to use the Covid-19 shutdown in 2020 to close the courses and accelerate the revamp - helicals played a starring role . .  . more

Veteran Marketer Reaches the Five Year Mark with Earth Anchoring Suppliers: Five Questions with Keith Dolan . . . more

DFI Helical Piles & Tiebacks Committee Chair, Mark Bryant, is Reaching out to the Helical Pile Industry to Find Volunteers Interested in Serving as New Leadership Team Members . . . more

The Danbro Difference & The IDEAL Advantage: Helping Installers Win Projects While Maintaining Margins

Danbro and IDEAL Group team to provide creative helical pile solutions on projects in Massachusetts and Maine . . . more

Levelift Looks to EAS and the CHANCE® Combo Pile for Multi-Use New Construction: The Caroline

Levelift crews installed (122) CHANCE combo piles which saved the owner significant money over the originally specified rammed aggregate piles . . . more

New CHANCE® Wireless Torque Indicator Lets You Monitor Torque Instantly on Your Smart Device

With the new CHANCE Torque Indicator, torque is displayed on base unit and instantly transmitted via Bluetooth® to Android and iOS phones and smart devices . . . more

Roterra's Helical Piles were Selected as the Deep Foundation Solution for an Innovative Toyota Dealership Being Built in the World-Renowned West Edmonton Mall . . . more

Supportworks Engineer Don Deardorff, P.E. Recently Penned an Article “Torque Correlation Factors for Helical Piles: A Brief History”  that was Published in the Company’s GroundED Newsletter . . . click here to read the article

GoliathTech Piles has been Very Instrumental in Providing the Necessary Information to the CCMC so that Much Needed Specifications and Enforcement Guidelines will Soon be Implemented . . . more

South Wilmington Wetland Park Project Looks to Earth Anchoring Suppliers and Breslin Contracting

These floods have caused destruction, property loss, eroded roadways; resulting in significant damages across the southern section of the city . . . more

Virtual Conference Expands Supportworks’ Reach Across Dealer Network

After the in-person event was canceled due to COVID-19, the product supplier saw success in pivoting to virtual event . . read about it now

Contractor’s Hell… Pigs Heaven!

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  As many contractors have learned on certain troubled jobs, Murphy was an optimist . . . more

Roterra Recently Completed Two Successful Pre-production Static Compressive Load Tests for a Residential Apartment Complex . . . more

Danbro Installer Audubon Environmental Seeks Esteemed Estimator

“Ours is an exciting and welcoming place to work where we put our people first.  We are looking to grow our business by aggressively bidding more projects,” said company President Carla Carla Morris-Lombardo . . . more

IDEAL Foundation Systems Helical Pile Foundations Used to Construct COVID-19 Field Hospitals in New York

As part of the state and federal response to COVID 19, a temporary hospital at Stony Brook University was built by FEMA in a matter of days . . . more

Earth Anchoring Suppliers: Walt Whitman Bridge Construction Saves with the CHANCE Helical Pull-Down Micropile

Earth Anchoring Suppliers was tapped to assist with a deep foundation solution as part of the expansive Delaware River Port Authority Walt Whitman Bridge renovations project . . . more

Earth Anchoring Suppliers (EAS) Offers New Program to Assist Deep Foundation Construction Contractors in New York and New Jersey

Article on this new program was first reported on Business Wire website . . . click here to read the article

All the World’s a Stage, and All the Helical Piles and Anchors Merely Players (with Apologies to Shakespeare)

Danbro’s Pat Haffert provides details on three helical pile projects where efficient staging and delivery of materials proved to be an essential component . . . more

The Economic Viability of Grouted Helical Micropiles: A Case Study

Multiple options for the deep foundations were explored including geo piers, driven pipe piles and large diameter helical piles, but grouted smaller diameter helical piles provided the best overall solution . . . more

New HeliCAP 3.0 Video Training Library

Hubbell Power Systems has released a series of training videos for its HeliCAP® Helical Capacity Design Software Version 3, a proprietary engineering software for confident helical engineering . . . more

A Corss-Lock Connection Story: Stop Wasting Time

PierTech's patented Cross-Lock connection saves time and money for helical pile installations by eliminating bolt hole elongations . . .  click here to learn more

Interview with Nick Gill… Danbro’s Site Support Specialist

Nick is responsible for equipment consultation, equipment set-up, load tests, product training, and in-field installation support . . . more

Soil Types and Mixed Soils in HeliCAP® Version 3.0 from Hubbell-Chance

Engineers can choose from seven soil types – clay, sand, mixed, organics, clay fill, sand fill, and mixed fill – in HeliCAP V3.0 . . . more

Rocky "The Yard Dog" a Danbro Difference Maker

Yard Manager, Rocky Powers, recently received praise from a long-time Danbro customer for consistently exceeding expectations with order preparations and loading products on to customer’s trailer . . . more

Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) Civil Division Recently Added (3) New HeliCAP Online Tutorials to Help New Users Navigate the Software and to Learn About Important New Features in the Ver. 3 Release . . . more

Helical Anchors Inc Recently Exhibited at the HPW-DFI Helical Piles Tiebacks Anchors & Educational Seminar

All three HAI team members that manned the booth were very impressed with the quality of the event and the opportunities to network with customers, engineers and other helical pile manufacturers . . . more

ECP Teams with Dalinghaus Construction to Install (5) Helical Piles on an Historic House in Orange, CA

The historic house was built prior to 1890 and the homeowner decided to call Dalinghaus when he noticed several cracks on the outside and inside walls of the house . . . read about it now

When in Doubt, Grout!

Danbro’s Pat Haffert takes us back in time when grouted helical piles were the new kids on the block with a huge (3645) grouted helical pile legacy project in Philadelphia . . .more

Hubbell - Chance Announces the Release of  HeliCAP® - The Premier Tool for Helical Engineering

Unlike previous versions of HeliCAP, version 3 is cloud-based and can be instantly accessed from any web-connected device . . . more

GoliathTech Reinforces the Need for Compliance with the Revised Requirements Dictated by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) . . . more

Ancient Glacial Lake Has HB Fleming and Dartmouth College Look to Earth Anchoring Suppliers . . . more

Earth Anchoring Suppliers Supports Conte Company and GZA in the Creation of a Majestic, Low Impact Walkway in the Wilds of Northern New England

Conte’s crews overcame a lot of challenges on the project not the least of which was traveling 60+ miles each day in and out of the woods with with workers and material . . . more

The Danbro Difference

Marketing Director, Pat Haffert, defines how The Danbro Difference was instrumental in an important sales situation by gaining the confidence of a new customer . .  more

Earth Anchoring Suppliers Helps Support Transmission Line Towers

Due to environmental restrictions calling for no concrete, helical piles were chosen to anchor (11) grillages used in the construction of transmission towers on Boston’s north shore . . . more

GoliathTech Announces Expansion Projects and Sets Sights on Europe

The Magog-based company GoliathTech, a Canadian leader in manufacturing and installing helix screw piles, has announced a major North American expansion plan to be rolled out over the next 5 years, while setting its sights on Europe . . . more

Earth Anchoring Systems Teams with Augustus Construction to Build Staircases on the Dunes Near Cape Cod

Square shaft helical anchors and round shaft piles were both used to support the steep staircases on the sand dunes without disrupting the natural beauty . . . more

Walter Smith, Helical Pioneer - a Tribute by Danbro VP Pat Haffert

Walter’s outsized influence on the development of the helical industry is the confluence of talent, timing, and teamwork . . . more

Danbro Teams with South Jersey Helical Piers (SJHP) to Install Helical Piles for the Reconstruction of a Boardwalk that was Destroyed by Super Storm Sandy Along the Maurice River

SJHP owner, Art Kozoil, and Danbro’s Frank D’Angelo were both involved with the original boardwalk construction in 1997 with timber piles and both remembered dealing with horrible numbers of pesky mosquitoes . . . more

Q&A with Earth Anchoring Suppliers’ Kelly Milliner

The newest member of the EAS Team provides interesting and informative perspectives on her learning experience in the helical pile industry . . . more

Danbro’s Engineering Support Team Helps Installer - Chesterfield Associates - Win the Bid for the Deep Foundations for an Addition to the Bay Shore, NY Fire Department

The competitive advantage was IDEAL’s 3.50” O.D. helical pile that delivers as much capacity as other manufacturers’ 4.50” helical piles . . . more

Earth Anchoring Suppliers Earth Anchoring Suppliers Teams up with Breslin Contracting to Install (74) Helical Piles for Cooper Crossing Viewing Enhancement’s in Delaware

The department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control decided to add a viewing tower on the Bayshore Byeway to facilitate public viewing . . . more

GoliathTech Quebec Franchisee Installs Helical Piles to Support 60' Tall Dinosaur Exhibits

The GoliathBTech Quebec Franchisee, Dominic Guillette (Goliath-T Mini-Excavation Inc.), recently worked on a dinosaur structure stabilization project at Woodolliparc Park . . . more

IDEAL & Danbro Help Installer Win a Hotly Contested Bid for a Large Project at the U.S. Naval Academy

When Phil Scheid of Levelift Foundations, LLC won the contract for the Terwilliger Center at the Naval Academy over 14 other bidders, he blinked . . . more

Vermont’s Accessible Trails are Now Being Built Upon Helical Pile Foundations

EAS supplies over (200) helical piles for the Raven’s Ridge boardwalk project that meanders through sensitive wetlands . . . more

Danbro Distributors Field Support Specialist Nick Gill Provides a Valuable List of Necessary Tools for Installers

Nick provides an overview for busy installers of the tools necessary to help their projects go as smoothly as possible . . . more

Earth Anchoring Suppliers Teams with Breslin Contracting to Install (30) Helical Piles to Underpin a New Kiddie Academy in New Market, MD

The new structure began to settle even before construction was complete due to some poor fill on the site . . . more

Earth Anchoring Supplier Teams with Shore Systems Group to Install (89) Helical Piles in Monmouth Beach, NJ

Very low overhead clearance and some extremely wet ground conditions provided some challenges for the crew . . . more

Helical Piles are for the Birds . . . and All of God’s Creatures

Humans and their love for pets - this time a relatively simple helical pile underpinning job was hugely complicated for a Danbro installer by a homeowner’s love for her two pet parrots . . . more

Danbro’s Nick Gill Provides Much Appreciated Support for Installation Equipment, Training and Project Site Support for Installers

Recently Nick provided technical support for installer Cornerstone Masonry on a senior citizen apartment building project in Seaside Heights, NJ . . . more

MacLean Power Systems is Promoting the Company’s Patented Strength SquaredTM Pipe Coupler

According to company officials, the Strength Squared coupler eliminates bolt hole elongation as can happen with helical pile connectors that have through bolts put into shear during installation . . . read about it now

Danbro Distributors Increases It’s Inventory of IDEAL Foundation Products and Customer Feedback on IDEAL Product Line has Been Very Positive

Company recently surpassed the one million pound mark of helical pile and bracket products shipped from IDEAL, and the early feedback from Danbro’s customers is all good   . . . more

Danbro Distributor’s Recent Alignment with IDEAL Group Brings Together Two Family-Owned Companies with Strong Contracting Histories

The synergy between the two companies is providing the foundation for a great relationship that should serve their customers quite well . . . more

Hubbell Power Systems Recently Announced a Realignment of the Company’s Distribution Network for Northeast Region

After a long relationship with Danbro Distributors in the northeast, HPS realigns the region with three existing distributors . . . read about it now

A Huge Change for Helical Pile Distribution in the Northeast and Central Atlantic Regions of the U.S.

After more than twenty two years distributing for Hubbell Chance, Danbro Distributors has teamed with IDEAL Group to distribute the company’s products in a very large region . . . more

PierTech Systems is Featuring Its High Capacity Hercules Helical Piles with 4” to 48” Shaft Diameters

The Hercules line of helical piles are well suited for large commercial projects with loads up to 500 tons . . . more

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