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Transmission Line Foundation in Environmentally Sensitive Wetland - by Chance Engineer Shawn Downey

Displacement foundations installed with an innovative steel grillage system made from mostly recycled steel to tie piles together at the surface . . . read about it here

Helical Piles for Boardwalks, Pedestrian Bridges, and Bat Boxes in Environmentally Sensitive Areas - by Techno Metal Post

To build off our previous article entitled “Foundations in Environmentally Sensitive Areas”, we wanted to provide an example of a project where this occurred . . . learn more here

CHANCE Helical Anchors for Marine & Mooring Applications

Helical anchors are a versatile, eco-friendly, easy to install, and cost-effective technology for marine and mooring applications . . . learn more here

Underpinning at the Salisbury, MD Water Treatment Plant

The City of Salisbury, Maryland, the largest city on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, recently used helical piles in an underpinning application to address infrastructure issues at their Park Water Treatment Plant facility . . . learn more here

How to Choose a Helical Pile Installer. The IDEAL Way. - by IDEAL’s Bruce Stroyer . . . read it now

High-Capacity New Construction Foundation on Helical Piles - by Chance Foundation Solutions

Engineers at EBS Geostructural took on this design build of a helical pile new construction foundation, showcasing the advantages of helical piles for high capacity applications. . . read about it here

The Grouted Helical Microple: A Valuable Tool in the Deep Foundation Toolbox - by Danbro V.P. Pat Haffert

Large diameter helicals have justifiably found their place among deep foundation products, however, grouted helical micropiles still offer a viable option when site and soil conditions dictate their use . . . learn more here

No-Deflection Design to Protect MRI Equipment - by Hubbell-Chance’s Josh Lindberg

Helical piles prove to be an excellent choice for this hospital design with sensitive equipment, no vibrations, and low settlement allowances . . . learn more here

Cyntech is Providing Helical Piles for a Substation Project in Peru - read about it now

Why Does a Green Sleeve Help My Helical Piles?

Testing has shown that the friction on the shaft can be reduced by as much as 70% when you compare a sleeved shaft to a shaft without the green sleeve in the frost zone . . . learn more here

3 Types of EV Chargers (and the Foundations they Require) Understanding the Different Types of EV Chargers & Their Foundation Requirements by CHANCE Engineer Jason Herron, P.E. . . . click here to learn more

Installation Equipment Requirements for Chance® Instant Foundation® Systems by Chance Engineering Manager, Gary Seider, P.E.

Seider provides detailed information on torque motor size and capacity requirements for installing Chance Instant Foundation Systems . . . read about now

Does Soil Type Matter? by Chance Engineering Manager, Gary Seider, P.E.

As an accompanying article to Seider’s torque motor article, he provides readers with some very detailed information about soil types, blow counts and whether the soils are suited for Chance Instant Foundation installations . . . learn more here

How Helical Piers (Piles) Work in Different Soil Conditions

GoliathTech details the adaptability of helical piles across multiple terrains and how they work in different soils to ensure a project's success . . . learn more here

Danbro Distributors’ Business Profile

A brief overview of the origins, philosophy, and business practices of one of the original, most well-established, helical pile distributors in the U.S. . . .  read more here

New Thread Bar Adapter from Chance Improves Tieback Installation Efficiency

The Chance Universal Adapter allows square shaft helical piles to be connected directly to thread bar or all thread rods. In a tieback application, the adapter allows installers to attach thread bar on the front side of the wall and then countersink the entire pile past the wall . . . learn more here & watch a video

PierTech Welcomes Brian Rickards as the New President of PierTech Systems . . . click here to read the announcement

“Helicals for Interior Work: Tight Space?  Access Granted” by Danbro VP Pat Haffert . . . read about it here

The Efficacy of Helical Piles in Boardwalk Construction: An Essential Took for Challenging Environments

GoliathTech franchisee installs helical piles for a boardwalk located in Utah in a migratory bird refuge - a wetland that presented access & environmental challenges . . . learn about it here

Underpinning on Main Street: Challenges of Historic Preservation

Danbro takes readers through the history of urban foundation restoration for historic structures in Collingswood, NJ . . . read about it now

Helical Piers: An Indispensable Foundation Solution for Large Commercial Buildings

PierTech describes the many benefits of using helical piers (piles, screw piles) as deep foundations for large commercial structures , . . read about it now

Hubbell-Chance “Piers and Piles and Anchors, oh my!” by Sarah Banks

There are many different names for helical deep foundation technologies. Learn the differences between these similar terms and concepts . . . learn more here

Danbro Contractor Installs Helical Tiebacks for Phase III of Direct Connect Project in New Jersey

To secure the retaining wall, crews installed (15) 4.50” x .290” wall tieback leads with 10-12-14-14” helices along with the initial extension having (2) additional 14” helices . . . learn more here

Simple, No-Concrete Foundation for Freestanding EV Chargers

As we prepare our roadways and neighborhoods for EV technology, Chance® Instant Foundations® provide a fast-installing, sustainable foundation solution . . . more

Good Customer Service Pays Dividends, Even if it Costs You $$

A couple of recent examples illustrate how Danbro and one of our contractors approached our collective professional obligation to do the right thing, even if it affects the bottom line . . . read about it now

Temporary Shoring System Options with Examples - by CHANCE Distributor Walder Foundations, Explains Differences Between Five Commonly Used Temporary Shoring Methods . . . learn more here

MacLean Civil Products Announces the MPS Street Light Foundation (SLF)

The SLF is widely approved by DOT and AASHTO, to quickly install a robust street light foundation in a fraction of the time needed for concrete elements . . . read about it now

New Engineering Tech Manual Available from CHANCE®

Chance® Foundation Solutions is pleased to announce the release of the Chance Technical Design Manual, Edition 5 . . . learn about it here

MacLean Power Systems (MPS) Releases Real-Time Design Software

The MPS RTD Helical Design Software allows design professionals to model helical piles, anchors, and tiebacks in designer-defined soil conditions . . . click here to learn more

Helical Foundation Solutions Supplies (192) Helical Piles for a New Transmission Line with 220kv Capacity in Campo Lindo, Chile

Quick installation and accessible movement between work stations/tower sites was a huge advantage over traditional concrete piles . . . more

The Utility of Helical Piles & Anchors for Utilities

Helical piles were chosen as the deep foundations for the recent construction of a Lime Slaker building at the Covanta “trash to steam” electric generation plant in Chester, PA . . . learn more here

PierTech Systems Engineer Value Engineers a Matt Slab Project in Tennessee Specifying (16) 3.50” to 8.625” Transitional Helical Piles . . . more

Helical Piles: The Ultimate Alternative Pile by Danbro VP Pat Haffert

Haffert takes readers through the successful efforts for an alternate helical pile foundation design originally designed for micropiles, which ended up saving the owner significant money and time . . . read about it now

Helical Foundation Solutions Designs & Specifies a Helical Pile Foundation for Transportation Band on Jales Dam in Zacatecas, Mexico Traditional pile foundation required two months for construction, while helical piles were installed in (3) days which expedited the overall construction schedule . . . more

Reflections on DFI 47 by Danbro VP Pat Haffert . . . read it now

Roterra Teams with Petro-Pier to Install (1,290) Helical Piles as Deep Foundations for a New School in Grand Junction, CO

Helical piles were chosen as the preferred foundation solution after considering multiple pile types and completing a comprehensive load testing program . . . more

The Grouted Helical Micropile: Experience Counts!  by Danbro VP Pat Haffert

Haffert presents the history of grouted helical micropiles in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions and presents detailed information on a truly amazing residential remediation project in Cherry Hill, NJ . . . more

Adjustable Helical Pile Heads with Uplift Resistance: A Selling Point that Sets You Apart

Offering a novel solution, GoliathTech has engineered an adjustable helical (screw) pile heads system that combines a threaded rod with a receptacle for height adjustment that is securely fixed to the helical pile with bolts that penetrate both the pile head and the tube . . . more

228,564 Helical Piles Installed!!! Roterra Piling has Successfully Completed the Scopes of Work on the Travers Solar Project in Vulcan County, Alberta . . . more

GoliathTech ESR-3726 for 2.375” (60mm) 2.875” (73mm) and 3.50” (89mm) O.D. Helical Pile Products & Brackets was Successfully Revised in April . . . more

Fort Delaware Uses Helical Technology For Upgrades And Enhancements

A logistical nightmare for site access and mobility, but the crews had the needed experience to successfully tackle this project on Pea Patch Island in the Delaware River . . . more

Cyntech Group Recently Completed a Large Helical Pile Project in Odessa, Texas Where the Soils were Stiff, and the Site was Located in a Remote Area . . . more

Roterra Installs (96) Helical Piles as Deep Foundations for New Church in Fort McMurray Alberta

The helical piles ranged in shaft size from 3 1/2" to 10 3/4" and each pile had between two and four helices . . . more

Cyntech Group is Finishing Their Scope of Design, Fabrication, and Supply of Over 2000 Large-Diameter Helical Piles for the Golden Pass LNG Project . . . learn more here

CHANCE Installer, JRW Foundation Systems, Installs Helical Piles for a New Foundation for the Historic BC Academy in Los Angeles

Opened in 1947, the Biscailuz Center had been abandoned for 30 years before the decision was made to renovate it, which included a major effort to underpin the structure and bring it back to plumb . . . learn more here

East Side, West Side All Around the Town, Happy Folks are Singing: “Got Helicals in the Ground!” by Danbro VP Pat Haffert . . . read now

MacLean Power Systems Streetlight Foundations is a one-piece steel pile used to support light poles, and the MPS helical foundation is rotated into the soil using simple hydraulic equipment . . . learn more here

ECP Releases Tenth Edition Design and Technical Service Manual

Unlike other technical manuals, there is nothing left out of the 10th edition that prevents the reader from performing design analysis and arriving at a workable solution . . . learn more

Liberty Lake Park: Where the Talk Led to the Walk! by Danbro VP Pat Haffert

A bulkhead was needed in the popular pavilion section of the park to prevent erosion, and a walkway was also constructed - both projects utilizing helical piles . . . more

Compression Testing a Helical Pile in Less-Than-Ideal Conditions

Hubbell-CHANCE engineer, Shawn Downey, was asked to complete a compression test on a helical pile in a remote area of Mato Grosso, in west-central Brazil . . . read more here

5 Questions about Load Tests on Helical Piles [Answered]

Helical pile installers and designers get this question all the time: “Do I need to do full scale load testing?” The answer is: “it depends” . . . click here to learn more

Helical Foundations for Elevators by Danbro VP Pat Haffert

Access, mobilization, and no vibration are frequently at issue with elevator shafts, pits and pads . . . more

3 Advantages of Helical Tiebacks vs Conventional Grouted Tendon Methods

A comparison of CHANCE® helical tiebacks, a pre-engineered mechanical anchoring system for permanent and temporary shoring, versus the conventional grouted tendon methods . . . read about it now

Pucks & Piles - Patriot Foundation Systems Teams with Earth Tech to Install (325) Helical Piles for NHL’s Florida Panthers Facility in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Due to the close proximity of an existing structure, a portion of the selected building location had to be redesigned from shallow foundations to helical piles . . . more

Helical Load Tests: The Low-Down on the Load Test

Recently, Danbro provided some on-site assistance with a load test for an expansion of a municipal building in New Jersey . . . more

New Hubbell-Chance Building Code Reports with Seismic Ratings for Helical Piles

CHANCE® helical systems and devices have been in compliance with ICC-ES code requirements for years, but now they have been approved for projects in Seismic Design Categories D, E, & F . . . more

HPW Takes A Close Up Look at Eleven Helical Pile Manufacturers’ Products

HPW presents a detailed look at helical pile products manufactured by eleven of the industry’s leading manufacturers - ECP, GoliathTech, Helical Anchors, Inc., Hubbell Power Systems - Chance, IDEAL Foundation Systems, MacLean Power Systems - Civil Products Division, Patriot Foundation Systems, Ram Jack Systems Distribution, Roterra Piling, Supportworks, and Techno Metal Post    . . . more

IDEAL Installer CMI Installs 4.92 Miles of Helical Piles to Support a 110,000 Square Foot Building in a Redevelopment Project in Ithaca, NY . . . more

228,158 Helical Piles are Being Installed for the Travers Solar Farm Project in Alberta, Canada

Roterra Piling Ltd recently announced the company’s involvement with the construction of the Travers Solar Farm Project as a helical pile installation contractor . . . more

CHANCE® Instant Foundations for Signage, Communication & Lighting Projects or Other Above-Grade or At- Grade Applications

A CHANCE Instant Foundation for signage, communication and lighting projects can help by providing an easy-to-install solution that can be immediately loaded, thus letting progress continue . . . more

Helicals for Environmental Remediation: Clean and Green by Danbro VP Pat Haffert

For over a decade, through the 1990s, Danbro installers were busy supporting residences on pilings, while remediation contractors removed and replaced the contaminated soils caused by rusted and leaking oil tanks . . . more

CHANCE Sustainable Foundation Solutions

Not only can helical pile foundations be used to support green technology such as solar panel and wind turbine foundations, helical piles themselves are also a green building choice . . . more

Tavo Packaging: Helicals Pass the Test! by Danbro VP Pat Haffert

An excellent pile design change by Steve Gencorelli, P.E. produced an outstanding load test result with only 0.28” of settlement and a very happy client . . . more

IDEAL Teams with CMI Structural Solutions to Install (101) Helical Piles for ESL Federal Credit Union Building

The site had contaminated soils that would be difficult and expensive to remove, as well as time­ consuming, so helical piles were the perfect piling choice . . . more

Helical Install Meets Code and Achieves the Deadline - by Danbro VP Pat Haffert

Danbro installer, Pigs Heaven, was under the gun, figuratively speaking, but met the project deadline with no shots fired (metaphorically speaking) . . . more

Danbro VP, Pat Haffert, Provides Insight on What has to be One of the Toughest-Ever Helical Installs

Access was severely limited, both overhead in the interior (in addition to tight spots) and underneath the boardwalk where the helical to bracket to floor joists connections took place, and all of the bracket connection work had to be done at low tide . . . more

Construction not Disruption: “Business as Usual” for Customer

Imagine trying to conduct “business as usual” in a building that is being renovated with a new interior second floor addition - that’s exactly what happened on this project . . . learn about it here

Danbro VP, Pat Haffert, Provides Insight on What has to be One of the Toughest-Ever Helical Installs

Access was severely limited, both overhead in the interior (in addition to tight spots) and underneath the boardwalk where the helical to bracket to floor joists connections took place, and all of the bracket connection work had to be done at low tide . . . more

Roterra Piling is Manufacturing & Installing (1,534) 5.5” Helical Piles for a Solar Power Plant Next to a Canadian Industrial Complex . . . learn about it here

IDEAL Group - Helical Piles in an Active Stone Mine in Missouri

Challenges included extreme overhead restrictions (6’-6”) and width restrictions (8’-6”) inside an existing building where the primary crusher is housed . . . more

When to Evaluate Helical Pile Bucking Capacity by Supportworks Engineer Don Deardorff, P.E.

Helical piles are slender deep foundation elements, and evaluating buckling potential should be part of the design process for every helical pile project that involves compression loading . . . click here to read the article

Highway Heavy and Helicals by Danbro VP Pat Haffert

A series of recent transportation/highway tiebacks for the New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT) I-295/I-76/Route 42 Interchange project illustrate the increasing recognition of the viability of helical anchors for earth retention on highways and bridges . . . more

Marketing Your Business: Perform On Site Promote On Line

Danbro marketing VP, Pat Haffert, has spent the past twenty three years in the helical business, and he offers some sage advice for promoting the marketing of your contracting business . . . more

Roterra Installs (664) Large Capacity Helical Piles in the Rocky Mountains to Start 2021

Roterra was engaged by a developer for a residential complex in the Rocky Mountains that included town homes, apartment buildings and amenities facilities . . . more

Ram Jack is First Helical Pile Manufacturer to Receive Its Revised ESR-1854 that Now Includes Compliance to the Seismic Design Categories D, E and F

Ram Jack takes the lead on this important issue of having code-approved products for engineers to specify for projects in the high seismic zones . . . more

Helicals for Power Plants by Danbro’s Pat Haffert

If the various advantages and benefits of specifying helical piles and anchors for deep foundations could be condensed into two words, they would probably be “site friendly” . . . more

Roterra’s Helical Piles were Recently Selected as the Preferred Deep Foundation Solution for a New Two-Story Crematorium

The largest of the helical piles on this project was a triple 34” (864mm) helix diameter with 1” thick 50W plate . . . more

Roterra's Helical Piles were Selected as the Deep Foundation Solution for an Innovative Toyota Dealership Being Built in the World-Renowned West Edmonton Mall . . . more

GoliathTech Piles has been Very Instrumental in Providing the Necessary Information to the CCMC so that Much Needed Specifications and Enforcement Guidelines will Soon be Implemented . . . more

Contractor’s Hell… Pigs Heaven!

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  As many contractors have learned on certain troubled jobs, Murphy was an optimist . . . more

Roterra Recently Completed Two Successful Pre-production Static Compressive Load Tests for a Residential Apartment Complex . . . more

IDEAL Foundation Systems Helical Pile Foundations Used to Construct COVID-19 Field Hospitals in New York

As part of the state and federal response to COVID 19, a temporary hospital at Stony Brook University was built by FEMA in a matter of days . . . more

The Economic Viability of Grouted Helical Micropiles: A Case Study

Multiple options for the deep foundations were explored including geo piers, driven pipe piles and large diameter helical piles, but grouted smaller diameter helical piles provided the best overall solution . . . more

Soil Types and Mixed Soils in HeliCAP® Version 3.0 from Hubbell-Chance

Engineers can choose from seven soil types – clay, sand, mixed, organics, clay fill, sand fill, and mixed fill – in HeliCAP V3.0 . . . more

Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) Civil Division Recently Added (3) New HeliCAP Online Tutorials to Help New Users Navigate the Software and to Learn About Important New Features in the Ver. 3 Release . . . more

ECP Teams with Dalinghaus Construction to Install (5) Helical Piles on an Historic House in Orange, CA

The historic house was built prior to 1890 and the homeowner decided to call Dalinghaus when he noticed several cracks on the outside and inside walls of the house . . . read about it now

GoliathTech Reinforces the Need for Compliance with the Revised Requirements Dictated by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) . . . more

The Danbro Difference

Marketing Director, Pat Haffert, defines how The Danbro Difference was instrumental in an important sales situation by gaining the confidence of a new customer . .  more

GoliathTech Announces Expansion Projects and Sets Sights on Europe

The Magog-based company GoliathTech, a Canadian leader in manufacturing and installing helix screw piles, has announced a major North American expansion plan to be rolled out over the next 5 years, while setting its sights on Europe . . . more

Danbro’s Engineering Support Team Helps Installer - Chesterfield Associates - Win the Bid for the Deep Foundations for an Addition to the Bay Shore, NY Fire Department

The competitive advantage was IDEAL’s 3.50” O.D. helical pile that delivers as much capacity as other manufacturers’ 4.50” helical piles . . . more

IDEAL & Danbro Help Installer Win a Hotly Contested Bid for a Large Project at the U.S. Naval Academy

When Phil Scheid of Levelift Foundations, LLC won the contract for the Terwilliger Center at the Naval Academy over 14 other bidders, he blinked . . . more

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