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Helical Pile Manufacturers’ U.S. Building Code Compliance

The following helical pile manufacturers have received certifications for one or more products from the International Code Council Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) per AC358 - Acceptance Criteria for helical piles, systems and devices.  Click on the company name to read the ESR.

Ram Jack - ESR-1854

MacLean Power Systems Civil Division - ESR-3032

Hubbell Power Systems / A.B. Chance - ESR-2794

Foundation Supportworks - ESR-3074

Techno-Pieux - ESR-3418

Cantsink Manufacturing - ESR-1559

Geotech Enterprises - ESR-3623

Magnum Piering - ESR-2997

IDEAL Manufacturing - ESR-3750

Helical Anchors, Inc. - ESR-3982

PierTech Systems - ESR-3969

Patriot Foundation Systems - ESR-3370

Earth Contact Products - ESR-3359