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by Bill Bonekemper


February, 2022

This article takes a close up look at the helical pile products manufactured by thirteen companies - nine of which are based in the United States and four being Canadian based.  Two companies have operations in both Canada and the U.S. The thirteen companies include:

  • Cyntech Group (Cyntech) - Calgary, Canada & Plantersville, TX
  • Earth Contact Products (ECP) – Olathe, KS
  • Foundation Supportworks (FSI) – Papillion, NE
  • GoliathTech Screw Piles (GoliathTech) - Magog, Quebec, Canada
  • Helical Anchors, Inc. (HAI) - Minneapolis, MN
  • Hubbell Power Systems (HPS-Chance) – Centralia, MO
  • IDEAL Foundation Systems (IDEAL) – East Rochester, NY
  • MacLean Power Systems(MPS Civil) – Fort Mill, NC
  • Patriot Foundation Systems (Patriot) - San Antonio, FL
  • PierTech Systems (PierTech)- Chesterfield, MO
  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution (Ram Jack) – Ada, OK
  • Roterra Piling (Roterra) - Acheson, AB, Canada & The Woodlands, TX
  • Techno Metal Post (TMP) - Thetford Mines, Quebec, Canada


Of the thirteen companies covered in this article, nine are based in the U.S., four are based in Canada, and one has manufacturing operations in Canada and the U.S.  All of the companies offer helical pile, anchor and tieback products designed for the new construction market, as well as for remedial applications like underpinning and earth retention.  Additionally, many of the companies offer product solutions for the marine and utility markets including alternative power applications like solar and wind.  It is noteworthy that all thirteen companies offer a wide variety of pile caps, brackets and other connection-to-structure products, but this article does not cover those products.

HPW published a similar article to this one in April, 2020, and since that time the industry has continued to expand significantly with the number of products offered by manufacturers.  The most notable change is the significant increase in the number of large diameter round shaft helical piles that are now being manufactured.  Eight of the thirteen manufacturers now offer standard products with an 8.625 in. (219 mm) outside diameter, while five manufacturers offer 10.75 in. (273.1 mm) and 12.75 in. (323.9 mm) diameter products. IDEAL, Roterra and Cyntech also offer pile diameters ranging from 16.00 in. (406.4 mm) to 36.00 in (914.4), while Roterra and Cyntech offer 42.00 in (1066.8 mm) and 46.00 in. (1168.4 mm) products.  It is also noteworthy that some manufacturers that do not list the larger diameter sizes in their literature as standard products are willing to provide quotations for these products as special orders.

IDEAL and ECP are the only two manufacturers that offer Hollow Square Tube products, which is a relatively new product in the market compared to RCS and Round Shaft helical piles and anchors.

Also, nearly all of the manufacturers now offer a grouting solution for RCS and Round Shaft products.  This is the result of certain patents that have expired in recent years, and also the issuance of new patents.

Specialty Helical Pile & Anchor Products

The majority of the thirteen manufacturers offer specialty products such as pile caps, terminators and specialized connection products for a wide variety of markets and applications including:

  • Interstate highway signs and lights
  • Railroad signs and lights
  • Residential street lights
  • Oil and gas drilling and pipelines
  • Electric transmission
  • Solar arrays
  • Wind turbines

While these products are not listed on each company’s product table in this article, people interested in these products should visit manufacturers’ websites and/or contact the companies for additional information.

Engineering Support for Dealers and Installers

In addition to offering a wide variety of helical pile products, all thirteen of the companies offer in-depth engineering support for their respective network of dealers and installers. This support is essential in today’s helical pile marketplace – especially for installers who do not have engineers on staff.  Often times deep foundation projects can be redesigned and/or value engineered, and helical piles can be used as an alternative to other piling systems that may have been specified in the original plans.

Summary of Round Corner Square Shaft, Hollow Square Tube and Round Shaft Products Offered by Each Manufacturer

Click here to see a summary of all manufacturers’ product offerings

Helix Bearing Plate Options

All thirteen companies offer a variety of helix bearing plates with the most common sizes ranging from 8 in (203 mm) to 14 in (406.4 mm).  Several of the manufacturers offer larger diameter bearing plates up to 48 in (1219.2 mm) in diameter and steel thickness ranging from 0.375 in (9.5 mm) to 2.00 in (50.8 mm).  

As you can see in the product tables for each company, there are also options available for both the thickness and the grade of steel to be used when manufacturing the bearing plates – greater thickness and/or higher steel grades to achieve greater bearing capacity.

Section Coupling Methods

Nearly all manufacturers specify bolted connections for their smaller diameter Round Corner Square and Round Shaft piles. For the larger diameter piles, welding is the most predominant coupling method, while a few manufacturers offer the option of threaded connections.

Ram Jack is the only manufacturer that offers a threaded coupling method for all of its products as standard.  They offer bolted connections as an option.  

Techno Metal Post is the only company that specifies welding to be used to couple pile sections for all of its products.  The company does offer bolted connection options upon special request.

PierTech’s patented Cross Lock Connection is standard for the company’s two RCS products as well as four of its round shaft products.  The Cross Lock Connection utilizes a male-female connection method, and according to company literature, the connection method eliminates the issue of lining up bolt holes and wasting time threading a bolt through a deformed hole.

While the MPS Civil coupling method utilizes bolts as well, the bolts are used in conjunction with a male-female square engagement coupling method.  According to company literature, this patented method is designed to virtually eliminate bolt-hole elongation as the bolts are not put in shear during pile installation.

Corrosion Protection Options

All thirteen manufacturers offer the black or bare steel option – no coating.  All the manufacturers also offer hot dip galvanizing to ASTM specifications as an option for corrosion protection.  

Ram Jack is the only manufacturer that offers polymer coating as standard per the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria AC 228.

Building Code Certifications

Certifications by code officials are issued for each helical pile product separately as submitted by manufacturers.  Manufacturers can receive certifications for multiple products, but each product they choose to submit must pass the corresponding acceptance criteria testing. There are national building code certifications for the U.S (International Code Council ICC-ES) and Canada (Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC).  Most of the thirteen manufacturers have obtained ICC-ES ESR certifications for products.  A fewer number have also obtained CCMC certifications.

In addition, there are some local code certifications at the city, county or state level. Several manufacturers have earned some of these certifications for certain products. It is important to note that these certifications are issued for Round Corner Square and Round Shaft products.  Currently the maximum outside diameter for a helical pile that can qualify for ICC-ES certification is 4.50 in (114.3 mm).

Code certifications for specific helical pile products are noted on each manufacturer’s product table (see below).

Note: Cyntech Group differs from other helical pile companies, which is why you will not find a product table below or on their website. Due to the nature of the markets and clients they support, their helical pile and anchor products are designed and fabricated on a project-specific basis. Cyntech Group designs and fabricates helical piles and anchors ranging from 1.50” (38.1 mm) solid square bar up to 42” O.D. (1067 mm) diameter round shaft.

Cyntech Group

Cyntech Group (Canada)

235061 Wrangler Link SE                                  

Calgary, Alberta T1XOK3


Cyntech Group (U.S.)

17807 TX-105

Plantersville, Texas 77363


Earth Contact Products (ECP)

Click Here To Access ECP Helical Pile Product Table

Earth Contact Products

15612 South Keeler Terrace

Olathe, KS 66062


Foundation Supportworks

Click Here To Access Foundation Supportworks Helical Pile Product Table

Foundation Supportworks

11850 Valley Ridge Drive

Papillion, NE 68046


GoliathTech Screw Piles

Click Here to Access GoliathTech Helical Pile Product Table

GoliathTech Screw Piles

175, rue Peladeau

Magog, Quebec (Canada) J1X 5G9


Helical Anchors, Inc.

Click Here to Access HAI Helical Pile Product Table

Helical Anchors, Inc.

5101 Boone Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55428


Hubbell Power Systems - Chance

Click Here to Access HPS-Chance Helical Pile Product Table

Hubbell Power Systems

210 N. Allen Street

Centralia, MO 65240


IDEAL Foundation Systems

Click Here to Access IDEAL Helical Pile Product Table

IDEAL Manufacturing, Inc.

80 Bluff Drive

East Rochester, NY 14445


MPS - Civil Products Group

Click Here To Access MPS Civil Helical Pile Product Table

MacLean Power Systems - Civil Products Group

481 Munn Road, Ste 300

Fort Mill, SC  


Patriot Foundation Systems

Click Here to Access Patriot Helical Pile Product Table

Patriot Foundation Systems

30427 Commerce Drive

San Antonio, FL 33576


PierTech Systems

Click Here to Access PierTech Helical Pile Product Table

PierTech Systems

600 Trade Center Blvd

Chesterfield, MO 63005


Ram Jack Systems Distribution

Click Here To Access Ram Jack Helical Pile Product Table

Ram Jack Systems Distribution

13655 CR 1570

Ada, OK 74820

(888) 332-9909

Roterra Piling

Click Here To Access Roterra Helical Pile Product Table

Roterra Piling (Canada)

25420 - 114 Avenue                                     

Acheson, AB T7X 6M4

780-948-8556 or 877-503-9796

Roterra Piling (U.S.)

1095 Evergreen Circle, Suite #468

The Woodlands, TX 77380

713-948-8556 or 877-503-9796

Techno Metal Post

Click Here to Access TMP Helical Pile Product Table

Techno Metal Post

1700 Rue Setlakwe

Thetford Mines QC G6G 8B2



A Close Up Look at Thirteen Helical Pile

Manufacturers’ Products