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Valuable Resources for the Entire Helical Pile Industry

by Bill Bonekemper

November 2022

Since our start in February of 2011, (HPW) has charted a course designed to help grow the helical pile industry by bringing important information to all the pile manufacturers, distributors, contractors, engineers, code officials, educators and equipment suppliers that comprise our industry.  Our journey on this course has given us the opportunity to interact with many wonderful and successful people that provide the very heartbeat of our still rapidly emerging industry.  It has been both fun and rewarding, and we sincerely thank our supporters.

Valuable Resources

HPW repeatedly receives emails and phone calls from people in search of information about projects, suppliers, technical information and experienced contractors to install piles and anchors.  In the nearly thirteen years since our start, we have compiled an impressive list of resources and information for the industry that includes:

Project History Listings – currently there are (412) project history listings in our archive arranged into four categories:

  • Deep Foundation Projects
  • Tieback Anchor Projects
  • Foundation Repair Projects
  • Specialty Structures & Applications

click here to access

Contractor Listings – currently there are (183) contractor listings covering the U.S., Canada and Singapore – click here to access

Manufacturer Listings – currently there are (11) manufacturer listings for U.S. and (4) for Canada – click here to access

Distributor Listings – currently there are (2) distributor listings for the U.S. - click here to access

Manufacturer Products with ICC-ES ESR Certifications – currently there are (15) manufacturers listed – click here to access

Technical Bibliography – currently there are (approximately (133) technical papers listed – click here to access

Thanks again for the tremendous support from all the companies that participate on HPW - we are very, very grateful.

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