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Helical Piles Approved for Use in Seismic Zones A-F in the Recently Revised AC358

Earlier in June, the International Code Council Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) voted to include seismic design categories D, E, and F in their acceptance criteria (AC 358) for helical pile manufacturers . . . more

Helicals and Homeowners: An IDEAL Marriage Made in (Pigs) Heaven! - by Danbro’s Pat Haffert

Recently, Pigs Heaven, a local contractor, was called upon to provide support for an addition at a home in Sea Isle because the addition had caused the exterior foundation, party wall, and interior slab to settle . . . more

100% Rebate Relief Program Expands: Earth Anchoring Suppliers™ & CHANCE® Launch 2021 Sign & Seal Program in the Northeast . . . Learn about it here

What to do When the Soil is too Dense for Helical Piles - the CHANCE® ROCK-IT System is a Proven Performer

ROCK-IT makes it possible to install helical piles into dense, rocky, high blow count and permafrost soils when the only other solution is to pre-drill a pilot hole, which increases time and expense . . . more

Levelift Foundation Systems: Getting Militant about Personnel

In May, Levelift needed a new field supervisor - it is not every day that a woman, a graduate of the Naval Academy with a degree in Mandarin Chinese, applies for a job with Levelift . . . more

Engineering & Adding Value - Five More Questions with Earth Anchoring Suppliers’ Geotech Nate Seguin

Joining EAS in February has allowed me to provide useful engineering strategies to clients in very little time . . . more

CHANCE®, Earth Anchoring Suppliers and Infrastructure Repair Service “To the Rescue” for the Emerson Fire Department

The Firehouse on Thomas Ave. in Emerson, NJ was in need of some help as the structural evaluation showed serious deficiencies to the point that it was no longer serviceable . . . more

GoliathTech Makes the 2020 Entrepreneur.com Top Growth Franchises List

GoliathTech has been awarded a spot on the 2020 Entrepreneur.com Top Growth Franchises List, ranking among the Top 150 North American business having demonstrated healthy and sustained growth as well as the ability to support their franchisees over the last three years . . . more

PierTech’s Helical Piles with Their Patented Cross Lock Connection vs. Their Push Pier System

Helical piles are the preferred solution for stabilizing house and other structure foundations that have experienced settlement . . click here to read the blog article

Long-Time Danbro Installer Steve Vaspoli Reflects on his Helical Journey

Vaspoli was recruited twenty two years ago by Danbro President Frank D’Angelo, who convinced him that being a helical pile installer was a natural extension of his general contracting work . . . more

Earth Anchoring Suppliers Adds Veteran Geotechnical Engineer to Staff: Five Questions with Nate Seguin

Nate Seguin joins the EAS team, heading up their engineering services department . . . more

Helical Piles for Solar Arrays

Recently, Richmond Septic and Excavation, aided and supported by Nick Gill from Danbro, installed (14) IDEAL 2 7/8” helical pipe piles to support (7) solar panels for a homeowner in Plymouth, MA . . . more

MacLean Civil Products Showcases Several Applications for Helical Piles and Anchors at the HPW-DFI Tradeshow & Seminar recently held in Cincinnati . . . more

Danbro’s Nick Gill Provides Training for a Very Difficult Low Overhead Clearance Project in Snake Infested Area of South Carolina

(7) helical piles were installed to 15 ft. in a crawl space with a maximum clearance of 36” to provide support for a failing floor joist beneath an apartment fireplace . . . more

Hubbell Teams with Conte Company to Present a Wide Variety of CHANCE® Foundation Solutions at the Recent Helical Piles Anchors Tiebacks Tradeshow & Educational Seminar Held in Cincinnati . . . more

Ram Jack Recently Participated in a Ground Breaking Seismic Liquefaction Simulation Test for Helical Piles in a Remedial Application

(4) 3.50” O.D. helical piles with threaded connections along with remedial brackets with each pile were installed and tested in a ten foot tall liquefaction soil box at University of California, San Diego testing facility . . . more

PierTech Systems Patented Cross Locktm Connection Saves Valuable Time & Money for Installers

The patented connection system virtually eliminates bolt hole elongation by taking the bolts out of compression and torque during installation . . . more

Earthquakes and Helical Piles - A Techno Metal Post Dealer in Homer, AK Experienced a Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake in Late January 2016

Dealer was happy to report that houses in the region founded and/or underpinned with helical piles experienced no settlement or damage from the earthquake . . . more

Hubbell Power Systems Announces ROCK-ITTM  Helical Pile Lead Section

This innovative and patent pending design utilizes a single carbide tip to help penetrate rocky and high blow count soils to reach load bearing depths . . . more

White Paper - Hydraulic Drive Head Curves for Helical Pile Capacity

Foundation Supportworks Senior Applications Engineer, Don Deardorff, P.E., presents a white paper on the results of field tests on drive motors and hydraulic torque indicators . . . more

Foundation Supportworks’ Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Don Deardorff, Provides Insight on the Value of Thorough Soil Investigations

Identifying suitable bearing stratum is paramount for design engineers in order to avoid potential costly change orders on deep foundation projects . . . more

MacLean Civil Group Launches MVP - a Grouted Helical Product to Compete with Auger Cast Piles

Early test results reveal an increase in compression capacity of 97% over non-grouted round shaft helical pile . . . more

Ram Jack News

Ram Jack is awarded contract to produce 50,000 helical piles for solar array project in San Bernardino County, CA . . . read about it

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