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Foundations in Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Techno Metal Post has developed machinery and installation best practices that are environmentally friendly, ensuring flora and fauna remain protected and wildlife habitats and ecosystems are preserved . . . learn more here

Cyntech Group Recently Designed & Supplied (470) Helical Piles for a Project at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

There were 9 pile types, ranging from 5.5” – 12.75” OD, with loads ranging from 10 kips to 300 kips . . . more

Contractor Overcomes Site Issues with a Little Help from His Friends

Danbro Distributors installer, Vaspoli Builders, stratigized with torque motor manufacturer, Pro-Dig, and with pile manufacturer, IDEAL, to overcome some significant site challenges . . . learn about it here

Take Matters (into your own hands): Grouted Helical Pile Case Study - a Hubble-CHANCE Blog About the Construction of a Pedestrian Bridge Abutment that Could Support 20,000 Lbs, and it had to be Built (24) Feet Above Existing Railroad Tracks . . . read it now

What Advice Mister Rogers Would Give to Installers - by Danbro VP Pat Haffert . . . read about it now

Use of Helicals Above Grade in Saltwater Environments by Danbro VP Pat Haffert . . . more

MacLean Civil Products Introduces the Excalibur Technical Document

MPS’s Excalibur Technical Document provides the design engineer and contractor a concise step-by-step method for design, installation, and testing the Excalibur Displacement Pile . . . learn more here

Techno Metal Post (TMP) Alaska Owner Attributes Much of His Project Successes to the Versatility of the R2D Installation Machine

Tight entry points, cramped job sites, steep slopes - the R2D enables TMP Alaska crews to complete projects others will not even attempt to do . . .  more

Construction not Disruption: “Business as Usual” for Customer  - a Project Profile by Hubbell-Chance

Imagine trying to conduct “business as usual” in a building that is being renovated with a new interior second floor addition - that’s exactly what happened on this project . . . read about it now

HP as Plan B: A Helical Alternate Turns NO into GO!

Long time Danbro installer, Vaspoli Builders, installed (105) IDEAL 3.5” round shaft helical piles 27’ and 37’ deep (on average) in clusters of four to support column loads for a seven story multi-use structure on Philadelphia’s Broad St . . . more

Overcoming Helical Pile Design Engineering Challenges

CHANCE engineer, Ben Jennings, walks you through some of the key benefits of using HeliCAP v3.0 Helical Design Software . . . more

Helical Piles Approved for Use in Seismic Zones A-F in the Recently Revised AC358

Earlier in June, the International Code Council Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) voted to include seismic design categories D, E, and F in their acceptance criteria (AC 358) for helical pile manufacturers . . . more

Helicals and Homeowners: An IDEAL Marriage Made in (Pigs) Heaven! - by Danbro’s Pat Haffert

Recently, Pigs Heaven, a local contractor, was called upon to provide support for an addition at a home in Sea Isle because the addition had caused the exterior foundation, party wall, and interior slab to settle . . . more

What to do When the Soil is too Dense for Helical Piles - the CHANCE® ROCK-IT System is a Proven Performer

ROCK-IT makes it possible to install helical piles into dense, rocky, high blow count and permafrost soils when the only other solution is to pre-drill a pilot hole, which increases time and expense . . . more

GoliathTech Makes the 2020 Entrepreneur.com Top Growth Franchises List

GoliathTech has been awarded a spot on the 2020 Entrepreneur.com Top Growth Franchises List, ranking among the Top 150 North American business having demonstrated healthy and sustained growth as well as the ability to support their franchisees over the last three years . . . more

Danbro’s Nick Gill Provides Training for a Very Difficult Low Overhead Clearance Project in Snake Infested Area of South Carolina

(7) helical piles were installed to 15 ft. in a crawl space with a maximum clearance of 36” to provide support for a failing floor joist beneath an apartment fireplace . . . more

Ram Jack Recently Participated in a Ground Breaking Seismic Liquefaction Simulation Test for Helical Piles in a Remedial Application

(4) 3.50” O.D. helical piles with threaded connections along with remedial brackets with each pile were installed and tested in a ten foot tall liquefaction soil box at University of California, San Diego testing facility . . . more

Earthquakes and Helical Piles - A Techno Metal Post Dealer in Homer, AK Experienced a Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake in Late January 2016

Dealer was happy to report that houses in the region founded and/or underpinned with helical piles experienced no settlement or damage from the earthquake . . . more

Ram Jack News

Ram Jack is awarded contract to produce 50,000 helical piles for solar array project in San Bernardino County, CA . . . read about it

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