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MacLean Civil Products Showcases Several Applications for Helical Piles and Anchors at the HPW-DFI Tradeshow & Seminar recently held in Cincinnati . . . more

Danbro’s Nick Gill Provides Training for a Very Difficult Low Overhead Clearance Project in Snake Infested Area of South Carolina

(7) helical piles were installed to 15 ft. in a crawl space with a maximum clearance of 36” to provide support for a failing floor joist beneath an apartment fireplace . . . more

Hubbell Teams with Conte Company to Present a Wide Variety of CHANCE® Foundation Solutions at the Recent Helical Piles Anchors Tiebacks Tradeshow & Educational Seminar Held in Cincinnati . . . more

Ram Jack Recently Participated in a Ground Breaking Seismic Liquefaction Simulation Test for Helical Piles in a Remedial Application

(4) 3.50” O.D. helical piles with threaded connections along with remedial brackets with each pile were installed and tested in a ten foot tall liquefaction soil box at University of California, San Diego testing facility . . . more

MacLean Civil Recently Received a Revised ESR-3032 from ICC-ES

The revisions resulted in very significant increases in ultimate and allowable capacities for the MCP D10 1.75” RCS product . . . read about it now

Helical Anchors Inc. Supplies (232) Helical Piles for a Resort Swimming Pool and Deck Project in Florida

Both 2.875” and 3.50” piles were successfully installed in two weeks during the summer rainy season . . . more

PierTech Systems Offers FREE Installer Certification Training Every Month

The company’s FREE installer certification process is available for contractors with no previous helical pile installation experience as well as experienced foundation professionals . . . more

IDEAL Foundation Systems ESR-3750 from ICC-ES is Updated to Include (3) Additional Helical Pile & Bracket Products

Company receives certification for 1.5” RCS and (2) 3.50” O.D. helical piles plus (3) new brackets . . . more

Helical Anchors, Inc. Supplies (400) Helical Tieback Anchors for a Large Retaining Wall Project

2.875” O.D. helical anchors with (4) 12” helix bearing plates were installed in four rows for this 24 ft. high retaining wall . . . more

PierTech Systems Patented Cross Locktm Connection Saves Valuable Time & Money for Installers

The patented connection system virtually eliminates bolt hole elongation by taking the bolts out of compression and torque during installation . . . more

PierTech Systems Receives ESR-3969 from ICC-ES for 2.875” O.D. Helical Pile & Brackets

PierTech’s ESR-3060 includes certification for its helical pile, (2) brackets and the company’s patented connection solution . . . more

HAI Supplies 2.875” O.D. with 0.217” Wall Helical Piles to Strengthen a Residential Foundation in Portland, OR

(20) helical piles and underpinning brackets were used to increase the capacity of the foundation . . . more

Gary Seider, Hubbell Power Systems Engineering Manager, Receives President’s Award from Deep Foundations Institute

Seider receives award for his leadership of the DFI Helical Piles & Tiebacks Committee seismic research project . . . read about it now

Foundation Supportworks Receives Certification from ICC-ES for the Company’s HP350 Round Shaft Helical Pile Product

Company now has two round shaft helical piles as well as remedial and new construction brackets certified by ESR-3074 . . . more

Helical Anchors, Inc. Receives ESR-3982 from ICC-ES for the Company’s 2.875” (55mm) O.D. by 0.217” (0.7mm) Wall Helical Pile

Company officials decided to use fast track approval from ICC-ES to meet the increasing demand for this company product . . . . click here to read ESR-3982

IDEAL Foundation Systems Recently Signed Southeast Helicals, LLC as Their Newest Distributor

Located in Northern Louisiana, Southeast Helicals brings a wealth of experience in pile applications . . . read about it now

Helical Anchors Inc. Recently Supplied (90) Large Diameter Helical Piles for an Electric Utility Project in Canada

The piles were installed to 42 ft. and required 55,000 ft. lbs. of torque . . . more

IDEAL Group Receives ESR-3750 from ICC-ES for Company’s Two 2.875” Diameter Helical Piles

The IDEAL team was very excited when they recently received notice from the ICC-ES engineers that two of the company’s 2.875” diameter helical pile were certified per ESR-3750 . . . more

Helical Anchors Inc. Recently Supplied (250) 4.50” Round Shaft Helical Piles for a Fast Track Railroad Repair

A stretch of BNSF track in central Minnesota experienced settlement issues which required an extraordinary repair effort . . . more

Earthquakes and Helical Piles - A Techno Metal Post Dealer in Homer, AK Experienced a Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake in Late January 2016

Dealer was happy to report that houses in the region founded and/or underpinned with helical piles experienced no settlement or damage from the earthquake . . . more

Hubbell Power Systems Announces ROCK-ITTM  Helical Pile Lead Section

This innovative and patent pending design utilizes a single carbide tip to help penetrate rocky and high blow count soils to reach load bearing depths . . . more

Foundation Supportworks Announces Helicast - a Grouted Helical Pile System

New product consists of standard solid square shaft lead and extension sections with a soil displacement plate at each coupler location . . . more

MPS Civil Products Division Announces a Significant Distributor Agreement

Kent Companies, an MPS distributor for many years, recently reached an agreement with Arklatex Helical Distributors to expand its service area to include (24) states . . . read about it now

Hubbell-Chance Announces a New Interior Slab Bracket (ISB) for Interior Slab Remediation

Innovative bracket design works with the patented Combo Pile, and is designed to lower overall project costs . . . read about it now

Hubbell-Chance Recently Received ICC-ES Certification for Two New Helical Pile Products

ESR-2794 now includes the RS3500 3.50” Round Shaft Helical Pile in addition to the SS175/RS3500 Combo Helical Pile . . . click here to access ESR-2794

Helical Anchors, Inc. Has an Immediate Opening for a Sales Engineer

The company is looking for an experienced sales engineer with a minimum of 5 years helical pile sales experience . . . more

Foundation Supportworks Announces a New Release of Their HelixPro® Helical Design Software

The web-based software program now includes a “Search for Piles” module that automatically configures shaft and helix bearing plate sizes . . . more

Hubbell Power Systems Receives City of Los Angeles Research Report - LARR #25984

Approval for Chance type SS5 and SS175 helical foundation systems . . . more

Foundation Supportworks Receives LARR Research Report from the City of Los Angeles

FSI’s HP288 helical pile product was recently awarded certification for use on remedial repair projects within the City of Los Angeles . . . read about it now

White Paper - Hydraulic Drive Head Curves for Helical Pile Capacity

Foundation Supportworks Senior Applications Engineer, Don Deardorff, P.E., presents a white paper on the results of field tests on drive motors and hydraulic torque indicators . . . more

MacLean Power Systems Civil Group is Awarded a U.S. Patent for the Strength Squared Pipe Coupling System

The product is designed to redirect the installation torque into the coupler and welds to offer the needed material resistance in installation . . . more

Foundation Supportworks Announces a New Release of the Company’s Technical Manual

The manual was first released in 2010, and it has now been updated to include more technical information on helical piles, brackets and other products . . . more

Foundation Supportworks’ Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Don Deardorff, Provides Insight on the Value of Thorough Soil Investigations

Identifying suitable bearing stratum is paramount for design engineers in order to avoid potential costly change orders on deep foundation projects . . . more

Ram Jack’s ESR-1854 is Updated by ICC-ES to Include Compliance with the 2010 Florida Building Code

Ram Jack’s helical pile products are certified for certain design wind loads and load combinations . . . read about it now - scroll down to last page

Foundation Supportworks Announces Revisions to ESR-3074 and Florida Code

ESR is revised to include compliance with 2006, 2009 and 2012 International Building Code and 2010 Florida Building Code - Residential . . . read about it now

MacLean Civil Group Launches MVP - a Grouted Helical Product to Compete with Auger Cast Piles

Early test results reveal an increase in compression capacity of 97% over non-grouted round shaft helical pile . . . more

MacLean Power Systems Civil Products Group Announces Upgrade to Its MRDS Helical Design Software

Software offers engineers automatic and user-driven design calculation options for virtual analysis of MacLean’s helical pile and tension anchor systems . . . more

MacLean Power Systems Civil Products Group Announces Renewal of ICC-ES ESR-3032

MPS Civil Products Group currently has the largest number of products approved under ICC-ES AC358 . . . more

Foundation Supportworks Releases HelixProTM Software Program

Released in September of last year, HelixProTM is a web-based program designed to help engineers design solutions with helical piles, anchors and tiebacks . . . more

Ram Jack News

Ram Jack is awarded contract to produce 50,000 helical piles for solar array project in San Bernardino County, CA . . . read about it

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