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HPW-DFI Helical Piles Tiebacks Anchors Tradeshow & Educational Seminar Gets Rave Reviews from Attendees & Exhibitors Who Wanted to Know When & Where the Next Event Will Happen

Every once in a while a good idea comes along, and somehow the good idea takes shape and becomes something real with some purpose and value . . . more

Helical Pile Industry 2018 Review and 2019 Outlook

Recently HPW conducted a survey that included seven helical pile manufacturers and three distributors to gather data and insight into sales volume activity in 2018 versus 2017.  The survey also includes the groups’ outlook and forecasts for sales in 2019 . . . more

Review of Average Installed Helical Pile Prices Across the United States

In 2016 HPW published an article about the results of our initial survey on the average prices in the U.S. for installed 20’ deep helical piles for two applications - new construction piles and remedial/foundation repair piles.  Earlier this year we received an email from a contractor who suggested the prices reported in that  article should be reviewed as he suggested that prices have risen since then - at least in his neck of the woods . . . more

Helical Piles and Earthquakes

After the next big one hits in North America, will the helical pile industry be prepared to definitively document how structures supported by helical pile products were affected?  HPW proposes to start a database of structures built upon, anchored or underpinned in high seismic zones in North America . . . more

HPW Takes A Close Up Look at Eleven Helical Pile Manufacturers’ Products

HPW presents a detailed look at helical pile products manufactured by eleven of the industry’s leading manufacturers - Earth Contact Products, GoliathTech, Helical Anchors, Inc., Hubbell Power Systems - Chance, IDEAL Foundation Systems, MacLean Power Systems - Civil Products Division, Patriot Foundation Systems, PierTech Systems, Ram Jack Systems Distribution, Supportworks, and Techno Metal Post    . . . more

Helical Piles

NEW Time to Register for the Deep Foundations institute 44th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations Being Held October 15-18 in the Chicago Hilton . . . click here to register

NEW A Reminder to Our Civil Engineering Educators - DFI’s University PowerPoint Presentation on Helical Piles and Anchors has Been a Very Popular Download for Academicians

Since its introduction in June 2014, the University PowerPoint presentation has been downloaded many hundreds of times, so we want to remind all educators and others that may not be aware of its existence to learn about this valuable helical pile and helical anchor educational resource . . . more

GoliathTech Piles Identifies a Serious Three-Pronged Problem for Helical Piles in Parts of Canada

(1) Manufacturers Taking Shortcuts to Win Projects

(2) Installers Not Installing Piles Correctly

(3) Local & National Code Officials Not Enforcing Codes and Certifications

. . . more

Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) Publishes Helical Pile Foundation Design Guide

The Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee of DFI prepared this document as a reference for engineers, contractors, building officials, and other construction trade practitioners for the design and review of helical pile foundation and helical anchor projects . . . more

A Team of CTL Thompson Engineers Recently Managed the Static Load Tests Completed at the HPW-DFI Helical Piles Tiebacks Anchors Tradeshow & Educational Seminar

Planning for the numerous load tests to be completed at the event began nearly a year ago with CTL’s Wayne Thompson heading up the team . . . more

From the Editor

NEW ECP Teams with Dalinghaus Construction to Install (5) Helical Piles on an Historic House in Orange, CA

The historic house was built prior to 1890 and the homeowner decided to call Dalinhaus when he noticed several cracks on the outside and inside walls of the house . . . read about it now

NEW Ram Jack Tennessee Installs (75) Helical Piles to Lift a House with a Toxic Foundation in Nashville

A toxic waterproofing product was making the homeowners sick, so Ram Jack lifted the entire house so a new foundation could be installed . . . read about it now

NEW  Supportworks Teams with Foundation Supportworks of Wisconsin to Install (209) Helical Piles for a 12,000 sq. ft. Mezzanine for Menards Home Improvement Store in La Crosse, WI

Timber piles were originally specified, but concerns associated with constructability, noise and possible damage to existing foundations due to driving prompted the switch to helical piles . . . read about it now

ECP Teams with Atlas Systems of New England to Install (52) Helical Piles for a New House in a Potential Tidal Flood Plain

The homeowner wanted to raise the first floor elevation to avoid damage from tidal surges . . . read about it now

Ram Jack of Tennessee (5) Helical Piles to Stop Settlement of a House in Milan, TN

Once crews began work, they saw that the house had a good foundation but the settlement occurred do to historical cycles of the clay soil wetting and drying . . . read about it now

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HPW Industry News Articles

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Helical Pile Manufacturers & Distributors

NEW  Helical Anchors Inc. Partners with Established Helical Pile Distributor Patriot Foundation Systems to Service the Entire Southeastern U.S.

This partnership will provide large inventories of HAI products for cost effective distribution to Florida and the Southeastern U.S. . . . more

NEW Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) Civil Division Recently Appointed Stephen Scott to Region Manager, Northeast / Canada - Civil

With a background in geotechnical engineering and steel sales, Scott will be supporting HPS distributors and customers with technical sales support . . . more

NEW Danbro Formalizes Approach to Engineering Support Services . . . read about it now

Helical Anchors Inc Recently Exhibited at the HPW-DFI Helical Piles Tiebacks Anchors & Educational Seminar

All three HAI team members that manned the booth were very impressed with the quality of the event and the opportunities to network with customers, engineers and other helical pile manufacturers . . . more

When in Doubt, Grout!

Danbro’s Pat Haffert takes us back in time when grouted helical piles were the new kids on the block with a huge (3645) grouted helical pile legacy project in Philadelphia . . .more

Hubbell - Chance Announces the Release of  HeliCAP® - The Premier Tool for Helical Engineering

Unlike previous versions of HeliCAP, version 3 is cloud-based and can be instantly accessed from any web-connected device . . . more

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HPW Featured Projects

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Helical Pile Installers

NEW  Groundworks® Climbs to #2227 on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in the United States

The company’s business model has proven to be very successful . . . more

NEW  ECP is Looking for a Few Good Installers in (10) States and is Hitting the Road to Find Them . . . more

Torcsill Foundations Engineering TEAM Consists of Engineers and CAD Drafters Providing Continuous Support for Manufacturing and Installation Capabilities . . . more

SSRG has a Big Presence at the Recent Helical Piles Anchors Tiebacks Tradeshow & Seminar Held in Cincinnati

Structural Systems Repair Group teamed with IDEAL Foundation Systems to host a large and comprehensive exhibit with live product demonstrations . . . more

Helicon® Trusts Helical Piles as the Preferred Solution for Pre-Construction Foundation Projects in Sinkhole-Prone Areas

Preventing sink hole damage with new construction helical pile deep foundations has become one the company’s specialties and their client list is growing because of this valuable service. . . more

HPW is Pleased to Welcome General Contractor and Helical Pile Installer Helicon® to Our Growing List of Supporters

With headquarters in Tampa, FL, Helicon is a licensed general contractor and a leader in sinkhole repair and pre-construction pile installation to prevent future sinkhole damage . . . more

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