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Texas Deep Dig

Ram Jack Texas


Ram Jack Texas

Ram Jack responded to a call from The Landing at Seven Coves, a hotel resort that backs up to Lake Conroe, about the building sinking into the lake. The project included (25) 2 ⅞ piles with 4021 brackets.

Due to the close proximity of the lake, all of the piles had to be installed on the interior of the building to underpin the exterior grade beams. These beams were 8 to 10-feet deep. In addition, it was necessary to cut through a 10-inch thick slab that consisted of 1-inch rebar and wire.

The Ram Jack team found several issues as they were going in blind with no building plans for the structure. One of the issues was finding concrete piers. It would have made it extremely difficult to sever the concrete piers in order to raise the building. Therefore the owner decided just to stabilize the settling area against future settlement.  A 2 ⅞” pile with a 10/12 helix configuration was used and the embedment depth of the piles was 33-feet deep. The piles were installed with 7,200 ft-lb of torque and have an allowable capacity of 32.4 kips.

Ram Jack was able to complete the install of the piles in 5 days. The piles will prevent any future downward movement of the underpinned grade beams.

November 2021

Ram Jack Texas - Houston Ram Jack Texas - Houston