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In 2016, a local power substation suffered an industrial fire that destroyed one of their transformers.Through a competitive bid process, TerraCana was contracted to rebuild this foundation because of the company’s experienced team and specialized equipment.

A key challenge in this project was site access. Since this station provides power to over 200,000 homes, the transformers needed to remain active during most of the project. This limited how close Terracana crews could get to the site as well as the size of the equipment that could enter the area.

Helical piles provided a high capacity solution that worked with the limited site access and strict project specifications. Three mobilizations were required to complete this project as site availability varied significantly. TerraCana designed, supplied and installed (91) grouted square shaft helical piles that support the new transformer at this busy substation. The piles were installed to a depth of 15.9 meters, and the allowable load requirement for each pile was (52) kips.

Terracana Installs (91) Helical Piles to Rebuild the Foundation of a Power Substation

by Beatrice Markwick


TerraCana Foundation Solutions, Inc.

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Richmond, BC V6V1Y4


Terracana Foundation Solutions