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Techno Metal Post is the First Helical Pile Company Ever to Receive an Evaluation Report from IAPMO (ER-481) for the use of Helical Foundations Under the International Residential Code (IRC) in the USA

The goal of this evaluation report is to recognize the Techno Metal Post P1 (1-7/8''), P2 (2-3/8'') and P3 (3-1/2'') foundation models as an alternative to prescriptive foundations and footings for decks and other residential accessory structures, and for new construction and additions for residential occupancy built under the following codes: 2015, 2012, 2006 Residential Code (IRC).

This evaluation report will contribute in helping Building officials, engineers, architects and others, to have a better understanding on how to use helical foundations for residential applications.

Techno Metal Post is confident that our products will continue to flourish and thrive and become more well known and recognized as a great alternative to traditional prescriptive foundations and footings. The features that contractors and customers like about our product is the time they save when using it, because there is no excavation involved. Techno Metal Post’s small installation machine leaves a minimal footprint on the job site. When the helical foundation is installed, it's ready to build on. Techno Metal Post also offers in-house engineering services to simplify everything. Our dealers can provide accurate field reports for all projects, which are signed and sealed by our licensed engineers.  

Click Here to Read ER-481

About Techno Metal Post

Techno Metal Post was founded in 1993 in Quebec, Canada. The company's vision was to provide the best helical foundations for the residential market in Quebec. Techno Metal Post has expanded over the years, and now offers deep foundation solutions for the commercial and industrial sector. Helical foundations are also used to support industrial equipment, recreational-tourism structures, telecommunications equipment, signs, etc.

In 2013, Techno Metal Post obtained an evaluation report (ESR # 3418) from the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC- ES) in the United States providing proof that its 3 1⁄2 " (88.9 mm) diameter foundation models P3- 8, P3- 10 and P3- 12, and various piles cap models bracket models meet the requirements of the International Building Code (IBC). That report has since been revised to cover a variety of multi-helix foundation models, as well as schedule 80 steel.

Techno Metal Post holds other certifications of its product in Canada, France and the UK.

Techno Metal Post’s technology is used worldwide. Our network of dealers is constantly growing in North America and the rest of the world, with currently over 145 dealers in 11 countries.

Techno Metal Post is the world-wide leader for Helical Foundations.

by Serge Larouche

Market Development Manager

June, 2018

Techno Metal Post

Contact Information:

Mr. Serge Larouche

Market Development Manager

(418) 334-2023