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Techno Metal Post Alaska Installs (70) Helical Piles for a Large Deck in Fairbanks, AK

Techno Metal Post Alaska

5092 Meadow Dr., Suite A

Homer, AK 99603

Phone: (907) 299-3334

In late May Techno Metal Post Alaska installed (70) P2 2.375” helical piles with a single 10” helix bearing plate to support a large deck in Fairbanks, AK.

There was too much snow to start the project in April, so it was delayed until May.  Even in late May crews still encountered some frozen soils from 6” below grade up to 5 ft.  

All piles were installed to an average depth of 10-14 feet with a minimum load bearing capacity of 5000 lbs. The crew used the company’s smaller installation machine to install piles in the tight areas.  All the piles were successfully installed by a two man crew in (3) days.

About Techno Metal Post Alaska

Techno Metal Post Alaska (TMP AK) is a Homer, Alaska-based helical pile installation business. According to company owner, Dave Northup, TMP AK is Alaska’s largest installer of helical piles and has completed all types of projects in all types of conditions from Southeast Alaska to the Bering Sea.

Northup says much of the company’s success is due to the versatile products and equipment that gives his crews the ability to complete just about any project in any environment.  Weighing 1600 lbs, the specialized R2D pile installation machine is capable of installing helical piles to support up to 25,000 lbs.