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Scobbo Foundation Systems of New York Installs (8) Helical Piles to Underpin an Historic Cove Landing Boat House in Glen Cove, NY

Scobbo Foundation Systems

Division of Frank Scobbo Contractors, Inc.

Long Island, NY        Piscataway, NJ

(516) 944-7154        (516) 944-PIER

About Cove Landing Boathouse

The Cove Landing Boat House originally built in circa 1903 is a concrete poured two-story house originally built with one open 12 ft. wide x 13 ft. tall bay door to allow for boats to be pulled into the structure at high tide and stored. Legend has it that the Boat House was used as a drop off point during prohibition era (1921-1933) for deliveries of bootleg whiskey from CT and RI.  Currently the 100+ year old structure is used as a meeting hall, recreation room and small social gather venue for association parties.

Tear It Down or Restore It?

There were many discussions about demolishing the structure versus restoring it.  The historical value of the structure was also taken into consideration.  It was actually three times as expensive to tear it down and barge the remains away than it was to restore it - an easy financial decision.

Logistics and Repair

All of the materials used to repair the structure had to be brought to the site on a barge.  In addition, each day of work had to be scheduled around the low and high tide timetable as crews could only work when the water level was low enough to enable access to the footing.  This tricky scheduling component caused the project to take one month to complete.

In all (8) 2.78” O.D. helical piles were installed on the outside perimeter and on the inside.  Scobbo crews were able to lift the structure almost 3 inches vertically while also moving it back or inward a little of 2 inches.  The interior piles were installed to support new pile caps and steel beams needed to support the 2nd floor meeting room.

The helical piles were manufactured by IDEAL Foundation Systems in Webster, NY.