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Roterra was selected as the helical pile manufacturer for the new $115 million (USD) high school in Grand Junction Colorado, a small town 4 hours west of Denver. This 250,000 square foot high school will accommodate 1,600 students, features a 1,500-seat auditorium, and is scheduled for completion in 2024.  Helical piles were chosen as the preferred foundation solution after considering multiple pile types and completing a comprehensive load testing program.

Pile Installation was completed by Petro-Pier, based out of Greely, Colorado.  The final design required 1,290 double helix helical piles installed to around 70 feet below grade, with lead sections and 2-3 extensions per pile.  Piles were installed with real time digital torque monitoring on three install machines running both Eskridge and Digga drive heads.  Helix diameters were a mix of 14" and 16" and all extensions were bolted together on site.  Final installation torques were 30,000 ft-lbs and higher.   

Due to the cost restraints and supply chain shortages brought on by the Covid 19 pandemic, Petro-Pier opted to utilize a grout filled pier in lieu of galvanizing or adding sacrificial steel for corrosion protection. This allowed them to keep pace with the original schedule.

Roterra Teams with Petro-Pier to Install (1,290) Helical Piles as Deep Foundations for a New School in Grand Junction,CO

Spring-Summer 2022

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