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Roterra, as a group, began manufacturing and wholesaling helical piles in 1992. Roterra distributes ISO 9001:2015 certified helical piles to hundreds of installation contractors and made its first helical pile sale into the USA in 2006.  They added internal engineering services, including static and dynamic load testing, in 2003, and have continually pushed the limits of what the helical technology can offer as a solution.  Recently, Roterra load tested a single helical pile to 850 kips – this helical pile had quintuple 40” diameter helixes, was 60 feet long, and was installed to 360,000 ft-lbs! Roterra is the latest manufacturer to recognize the value of participating on HPW and wants to support the growth of the industry.


Roterra Piling (Canada)

25420 - 114 Avenue                                     

Acheson, AB T7X 6M4

780-948-8556 or 877-503-9796

Roterra Piling (U.S.)

1095 Evergreen Circle, Suite #468

The Woodlands, TX 77380

713-948-8556 or 877-503-9796

HPW is Pleased to Welcome Helical Pile Manufacturer Roterra Piling to Our Site

April, 2020

Roterra Piling