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228,564 Helical Piles Installed!!!

Roterra Piling has Successfully Completed the Scopes of Work on the Travers Solar Project in Vulcan County, Alberta

Roterra ( scopes involved survey, pile manufacture and supply, pile installation, remediation, and as-built reporting on this 465 MWAC solar farm that spans over 3,330 acres and has around 1.3 million solar panels.  Installation was continuous for nearly a year, and we encountered multiple challenges including inclement weather (its Canada, right?), supply chain, and logistical challenges (material disruptions, pandemic, natural disasters, equipment delays, etc.).  

We completed what is the largest helical pile project in Roterra’s 30-year history based on pile quantity.  We believe this is a milestone project and a significant point in development for the acceptance and use of the helical piling technology as the only foundation solution on a $700 million dollar project.  Roterra is proud to be the only North American helical pile manufacturer to supply helical piles on the project and to have installed 115,207 piles on the project.  We were able to exceed 1000 piles installed per day at our peak productivity (and the overall site exceeded 2000 piles per day) while maintaining very stringent installation tolerances of 38 mm (1.496 in.), 45 mm, (1.77 in.) and 80 mm (3.15 in.) on horizontal axes and vertical axis, respectively.  

Big kudos to the entire Roterra team and everyone involved on the project. From our manufacturing group for pile fabrication, to our heavy-duty mechanics for equipment setup, operations and installation teams, to projects group, the entire team was challenged by the Travers Solar Project.  Many of Roterra’s key contributors were stretched past what they thought their capabilities were to deliver a very challenging project successfully.  

Roterra’s success is determined by our customers success, and we are very proud to have two glowing customer testimonials at the end of the job.

“I was lucky enough to watch the last pile for the Travers Solar project get installed. Huge milestone and amazing job to everyone involved.  Pile #1 was installed eleven months ago yesterday. Pile #228,564 installed today. Fun fact, by the same guy!

A BIG thanks to Roterra and all the efforts your team has put into safety, quality and installing an astounding amount of piles. We couldn’t have asked for better partners on this scope. Job well done!!!”

Mike with PCL Construction Management, Inc.

“Yesterday was a great milestone achieved indeed and you all should be very proud of your accomplishments as a Team.  This is something to be very proud about!”

Greg with PCL Construction Management, Inc.

June, 2022

by Garrett Axani, VP

Roterra Piling

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