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Large Scale Shake Table Experiment on the Performance of Helical Piles in Liquefiable Soils

Recently Dr. Ramin Motamed, Associate Professor | Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Nevada Reno, released a paper that details the results of conducting simulations of a seismic liquefaction event using a 2.9 meter tall laminar soil box that was positioned atop a shake table located at the Powell Laboratory at the University of California San Diego facility.  Dr. Motamed and his team constructed a shallow foundation that was positioned on top of a three-layer deposit configuration of sand - a dense layer, followed by a loose layer with a crust layer on top.  (4) helical piles were installed and attached to the simulated shallow foundation with side load brackets.

This study was funded by PEER -

Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center

Click Here to Read Dr. Motamed’s Paper

Ram Jack provided the helical piles, the side load brackets and installation services.

Click Here to Watch a Video of the Testing - Produced by Ram Jack

November, 2020

by Bill Bonekemper