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Ram Jack Texas Installs (283) Helical Piles for a 750 ft. Retaining Wall in Houston Texas

Project Description

The Sunset Wall (Mud 49) project was a 750 ft. retaining wall that failed behind a residential subdivision near a creek. Stiver Engineering along with Benchmark Engineering contacted Ram Jack to assist in the design of the new retaining wall. Fortified Engineering was brought in for the helical design and installation depth for the New Construction piles and Tie-Backs. Full-scale load tests were performed to determine the ultimate pile capacity and torque correlation factor respective to the site. During the design phase, two of the homeowners stated they did not want the Tie-Back to extend under their home. Fortified Engineering designed the degree angle and load for the Tie-Backs in question.

After the design process was completed, the General Contractor on the project started demolition of the existing 750 ft. retaining wall. Buried power lines and utility lines were uncovered right along the face of the proposed wall at the time of installation. Consequently, the installation angle of some of the tiebacks were revised accordingly to avoid these obstructions in the field.  Ram Jack installed (110) vertical 2 7/8” New Construction piles at a depth of 30’, (56) 30-degree 2 7/8” Tie-Backs at 33’, (117) 45-degree 2 7/8” tiebacks at 25’. Ram Jack worked with the General Contractors' schedule to complete the project. During the installation, Ram Jack fought rainy conditions and still finished the project early and within budget.

Spring 2022

Ram Jack Texas - Houston

Ram Jack Texas - Houston

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Ram Jack Texas - Houston