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Ram Jack Texas - Houston Installs (160) Helical Piles to Support Two Large Decks That Surround Two Trees for Rice University Near Downtown Houston

Ram Jack Texas - Houston

(713) 597-8970

Project Description

This is a large wooden deck foundation project for Rice University near downtown Houston, Texas. Walter P. Moore and Associates designed helical supports for two separate 2’x 8’ wooden decks that surrounded two large oak trees. Because of the small working space and the trees root system, the Ram Jack helical pile was a great solution. An arbor was called in to locate the root systems of the trees. This was a challenge for the lay-out of the helical piles. During the project we installed (160) 2 7/8” TC piles with a 7k driver and a minimum installation torque of 1,600 ft-lbs. The piles had an average depth of 21’. The bracket was a 4079 New Construction bracket and the contractor welded a Simpson Bracket to attach the 2”x 8” supports. Ram Jack scheduled (8) days to complete the project and the crew completed the project in (4) 11hr days. Ram Jack only had to move one pile a couple of inches to avoid the root system of one of the trees. The Contractor was grateful that Ram Jack was able to finish the project early.

Summer 2021

Ram Jack Texas - Houston Ram Jack Texas - Houston