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PierTech Systems: Pioneering Helical Pile Solutions for Boardwalks in Environmentally Sensitive Areas

by Rachel Everett


PierTech Systems, with headquarters in Chesterfield, MO (, was recently approached about a boardwalk project in Wisconsin that stands as a landmark endeavor, aiming to create the largest boardwalk of its kind in North America. Integral to this visionary project are PierTech Systems' focus on innovation, their helical product’s unrivaled strength, versatility and environmental sustainability. Let's delve into how PierTech Systems' helicals are transforming the landscape of the boardwalk and setting new standards for construction excellence.

The Wisconsin Boardwalk Project

The Wisconsin boardwalk was a project that required over two decades of planning, construction, and financial support.  The project required extensive engineering to turn the project into a reality to connect over 150 miles of trails in Wisconsin. The project would require a foundation to be set on wetlands, soft soil, and native American burial grounds that are adjacent to the trails. This meant that the foundation for this project would have to be as minimal disturbance to the environment as possible, thus helical piles were a presented and chosen solution.

Phase 1 was completed in 2017, required over (320) helical piles, and the boardwalk portion completed is over one mile long.

Phase 2 required (450) helical piles to support the second phase of this project. The second phase will span nearly three miles and include a clear-span bridge that will have to be supported.

Spanning the picturesque area along a river, this ambitious project is a testament to the collaborative efforts of engineers, environmentalists, and community stakeholders. Designed to enhance recreational opportunities, while preserving the area's natural beauty, the boardwalk serves as a vital link in the region's trail network that offers breathtaking views and unparalleled access to nature.

PierTech Helical Piles: Revolutionizing Foundations

At the heart of the Boardwalk's structural integrity lies PierTech Systems' helical piles. These cutting-edge foundation solutions offer a myriad of benefits that align seamlessly with the project's goals:

With a commitment to preserving the delicate ecosystems surrounding the area, PierTech's helical piles provide a minimally invasive foundation option. Their installation process minimizes disturbance to the environment thus ensuring the boardwalk's construction leaves a minimal footprint.

The boardwalk traverses diverse terrain from wetlands to firm ground. PierTech's helical piles are extremely versatile and provide a reliable foundation solution regardless of soil conditions. This versatility ensures the boardwalk's stability and longevity even in challenging environments.

In addition the unobtrusive installation method, PierTech's helical piles also provide exceptional strength and stability. This was crucial for the boardwalk's construction in order to guarantee the safety of walking pedestrians and cyclists while traversing its expanse.

Time is of the essence in large-scale construction projects like the Wisconsin boardwalk. PierTech's helical piles expedite the foundation construction process without compromising quality. This efficiency translates into cost savings and ensures timely project completion.

The Largest Boardwalk of its Kind in North America:

As construction progresses on the boardwalk project, PierTech Systems' helical piles stand as a testament to innovation in foundation engineering. Their seamless integration into the project underscores PierTech's commitment to excellence and sustainability.

This Project represents a triumph of engineering, environmental stewardship, and community collaboration. At its core lies PierTech Systems' helical piles that embody the spirit of innovation and progress. As the largest boardwalk of its kind in North America takes shape, PierTech's contribution serves as a shining example for similar construction endeavors in the future by demonstrating that sustainable solutions can coexist harmoniously with nature's splendor.

Pier Tech Systems Pier Tech Systems

For more information:

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