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228,158 Helical Piles are Being Installed for the Travers Solar Farm Project in Alberta, Canada

Is This the Largest Helical Pile Project Ever?

This author has been involved with the helical pile industry since 2001, and I have never come across a project with anywhere close to this many piles being installed.  So HPW would like to know if anyone anywhere in the world is aware of a helical pile project where the total number of helical piles installed was even close to 228,158, which is the predicted total to be installed for this project.

Roterra Piling Ltd, with operations in Acheson, AB Canada and The Woodlands, Texas, (, recently announced the company’s involvement with the construction of the Travers Solar Farm Project as a helical pile installation contractor.

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If anyone has information about a project with this many or more helical piles installed,

please reach out to me at or 513-386-8158

August 2021

by Bill Bonekemper, Publisher

Helical Pile World