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Simple, No-Concrete Foundation for Freestanding EV Chargers

EVery electric vehicle station needs this.

The demand is here and the time is now! As we prepare our roadways and neighborhoods for EV technology, Chance® Instant Foundations® provide a fast-installing, sustainable foundation solution.

Tested and trusted for decades as foundations for streetlights, solar panels, and wind generators, Chance Instant Foundations are an excellent solution for supporting EV charging infrastructure.

Benefits include:

  • No concrete required
  • Quick and easy site preparation
  • Reduces installation time by weeks!
  • Lowered mobilization costs
  • No excavation or soil removal
  • Units can easily be adjusted, extracted and reused
  • Made from recycled steel
  • Sustainable (Reduced Scope 3A4/A5 emissions)
  • Dual cableway for daisy-chained wiring

Chance EV charger foundations are a single-piece, hollow steel helical pile pipe with a sturdy baseplate welded to the top.

Typically installed in 10 minutes by a two-person crew, down time at the installation site is eliminated. If the foundation ever needs to be removed, this sustainable solution can be unscrewed and reused at another location.

The variable bolt circle design allows for fast bolt-up as the slotted design mates with many EV charger brands and types, with no field modification required.

The easy-to-install foundation system can be screwed into the ground in limited access areas or near existing structures. No vibration or heavy equipment is required for installation, so Instant Foundations can be installed adjacent to existing infrastructure or even inside a parking garage.

With no concrete to cure or excavated soil to haul away, you can immediately feed the trenched wires through the dual cableway and load the foundation in a single trip to the jobsite.

All components are hot-dip galvanized per ASTM 123 and/or ASTM 153 to a minimum 3-mil coat thickness at our factories in Centralia, Missouri, where helical anchors have been manufactured since 1912.

Click Here to watch a video to learn more about

some engineered advantages of Chance foundations.

By Chance Foundation Solutions

April 2023

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