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A Structural Solution Dominating Global Markets

As construction regulations hone in on helical screw piles, builders and consumers are contending with structures that are not up to code and at risk of damage from high winds, flooding, and other natural phenomena. A major part of the problem is the prevalence of helical piles with non-fixed adjustable heads.

While these adjustable systems simplify foundation work with convenient leveling capabilities, they feature heads that are not fixed to the piles and instead rely on the weight of the structure and gravity. So, as convenient as these stabilizing solutions are, they rarely conform to compression, tension, and lateral engineering requirements.

In fact, according to the National Building Code, most structures require uplift resistance that non-fixed adjustable pile heads do not offer. These include:

  • A structure more than 600mm (24 inches) off the ground
  • A structure attached to a home (i.e., a terrace)
  • A structure with a roof
  • A structure with a surface area of 55 square meters or more
  • A structure that is more than one story
  • A structure is more than 4.3 meters (15 Feet) wide

Moreover, all building frames must be anchored to their foundation unless a structural analysis shows anchorage is not required. Indeed, if builders are to respect code, their adjustable head options become rather limited.

GoliathTech Adjustable Screw Pile Heads with Uplift Resistance

Offering a novel solution, GoliathTech has engineered an adjustable helical (screw) pile heads system that checks off all the regulatory boxes. To achieve this, they combined a threaded rod with a receptacle for height adjustment that is securely fixed to the helical pile with bolts that penetrate both the pile head and the tube.

This ensures that the pile head is fully anchored within the structure of the tube, thus preventing lateral and vertical movement even in the presence of significant tension or lateral forces. A patented system, it's the only one of its kind.

A Commitment to Quality

Of course, to bolster the durability and longevity of its solution, GoliathTech must match quality with innovation. To ensure the most reliable helical piles on the market, they've optimized every one of their system's components.


GoliathTech uses premium quality galvanized steel. They employ 60KSI steel for piles and heads and 90KSI steel for its rods.

Additionally, the pile's interior is insulated with polyurethane to prevent frost and ice build-up, ensuring zero movement in the harshest weather conditions.


Designed for light, average, and heavy structures, GoliathTech's solutions can also be customized for special projects. While it's rare to find more than four head options with other screw piles, GoliathTech has designed and built nearly 1,500 heads for different designs and applications. Ranging from Electric Car Charging Stations to Wind Turbines.

In terms of sizing options, 14 standard options are available ranging from 1.875" (diameter) x 0.154" (wall thickness) to 12.75" x 0.375".


GoliathTech’s fixed adjustable head can support up to 40K lbs per point load. For adjustable heads, the threaded portion of the adjustable head is 7”, which translates into approximately 4" of height fine-tuning flexibility.

Meanwhile, the exclusive anchoring solution ensures zero structural movement while offering excellent resistance to wrenching.  


With their adjustable heads, GoliathTech helical (screw) piles are sought-after foundation solutions for manufactured homes, decks, and even docks and boat houses—in fact, helical piles are easily installed into the lake bottoms, with the proper equipment, providing greater longevity than timber.

Also, given that the solution is removable and 100% recyclable (thus minimizing environmental impact), these helical piles are often the stabilizing solution for clean energy structures such as solar panels and wind turbines.

And the applications don't end there. Even streetlights, bollards, and guard rails all leverage the system to reduce installation costs, optimize stability, and minimize (or, in some cases, eliminate) foundation work.

Franchise Opportunities with a Competitive Edge

GoliathTech adjustable pile heads are the only solutions of their kind. Franchisees, therefore, benefit from an exclusive and often necessary technology with no comparable competition. The ingenious system sets your construction businesses apart and puts you at the forefront of an industry with increasingly stringent helical pile regulations. Find out how to become a GoliathTech franchisee.

Adjustable Helical Pile

Heads with Uplift Resistance:

July, 2022

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