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Foundation Supportworks Releases a Revised Edition of Its Technical Manual on Helical Piles & Anchors

by Bill Bonekemper

The Foundation Supportworks (FSI) technical manual received a major overhaul for 2014.  The new 363-page, soft-cover manual is literally hot off the presses and making its way into the hands of design professionals across North America.

The original technical manual published in December 2010 focused on helical piles, tiebacks and soil nails.  That helical section was refreshed and expanded for the second edition.  Helical shaft sizes, new construction brackets, and retrofit brackets were added to reflect FSI’s current standard offerings.  Capacities are provided for all helical system components considering multiple levels of corrosion (plain, plain corroded, and galvanized corroded).  The corroded capacities include a 50-year scheduled sacrificial loss in thickness per ICC-ES AC358.  Appendix 2C is all about HelixPro®, FSI’s web-based helical foundation design software. The list of revisions and updates to the helical chapter is extensive.  

The manual now includes chapters on hydraulically-driven push piers, polyurethane foam injection, and miscellaneous supplemental support products for stabilizing basement walls and floor joists within a crawl space.  The system capacities of the basement wall and crawl space stabilization products are generally better suited to residential loading conditions for which they were originally considered and designed.  However, these products have all found practical uses and applications on commercial and industrial projects as well, so brief sections on these products are included to inform designers of available options.   

An electronic version of the technical manual can be found on the FSI commercial website, Click through the Technical Information and the Technical Manual links to launch the interactive technical manual.  Navigate by flipping through the pages one by one, entering page numbers in the top toolbar, or clicking on the desired section from the table of contents (accessed from the bottom toolbar).  The bottom toolbar also allows the user to print or download any or all of the manual.  On the website page, below Technical Manual in the vertical drop down menu, a Supplemental Materials link provides a list of any technical manual updates, new products, and other products not included in the current edition.  

Please contact your local Foundation Supportworks installing contractor to get your complimentary hard copy of the new technical manual.  In the meantime, you can access all that information, and more from the website.

Foundation Supportworks

12330 Cary Circle

Omaha, NE 68128