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ECP Releases Tenth Edition Design and Technical Service Manual

February 2022

ECP (Earth Contact Products)

15612 South Keeler Terrace

Olathe, KS 66062


Earth Contact Products

ECP’s 10th Edition Tech Manual covers all their bases! “The newly updated tech manual was written and configured with many different readers in mind” says Mike Malina, Chief Marketing Officer at ECP. Their goal was to present the technical theories and equations in a simple, understandable way. This manual is not intended to be a rigorous text on soil mechanics and engineering theory.

The intent was to produce a manual that distills the theory down to make it easy to understand and to be able to reach the answer or arrive at a technical solution in a timely manner. The technical information provided herein can help the engineer with a basic understanding of soils and foundation support designs. Unlike other technical manuals, there is nothing left out of the 10th edition that prevents the reader from performing design analysis and arriving at a workable solution.

Click Here to Download the Manual