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Pledge Update

To date, pledged funds total $103,000.  Here are the cost projections for each of the (3) Tasks:

Task #1 - $35,000 (literature search, review and compilation)

Task #2 - $100,000 (small scale load tests in laboratory)

Task #3 - $115,000 (full scale load tests and finite element modeling)

The list of contributors to date includes:

  • CTL / Thompson
  • Deep Foundations Institute
  • Foundation Technologies
  • Foundation Supportworks
  • Hubbell-Chance
  • MacLean Power Systems - MPS Civil
  • Magnum Piering
  • Patriot Foundation Systems
  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution
  • Techno Metal Post

A great BIG THANKS goes out to these companies that are leading the way for this critically important study for our industry.

The fund raising team currently consists of the following volunteers:

  • Bill Bonekemper (team leader) -
  • John Pack - IMR / HeliPile
  • Krista Deece & Howard Perko - Magnum Piering
  • Gary Seider & David Bruce - Hubbell-Chance
  • Wayne Thompson - CTL / Thompson

More volunteers are needed and would be greatly appreciated.

To contribute and/or to volunteer, please contact:

Literature Search & Compilation (Task #1) of the DFI Helical (Screw) Pile Seismic Research Study is in High Gear

July, 2015

by Bill Bonekemper

Bill Bonekemper

DFI - HPTC Member


Helical Pile World

Dr. Amy Cerato and her team of graduate students are hard at work on Task #1 of the Helical (Screw) Pile Seismic Research Study.  Task #1 of the study will consist of an extensive global literature review, collection of test data and interview process with organizations involved with helical piles in seismic areas, culminating with a written report of findings.  To that end, we request that if you have any published literature on the dynamic behavior of helical piles, have performed dynamic load tests on helical piles, or have performance data on behavior of helical piles under seismic loading, that you contact Dr. Amy Cerato at the University of Oklahoma (  She is working with the helical pile and tieback committee advisory board to synthesize existing data on the seismic behavior of helical piles.  It is hoped that this synthesis, and subsequent additional small-scale and full-scale testing in specific soil types, will lead to helical piles being more widely adopted as deep foundation solutions in seismic regions.