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Helical Pile World Advertising CTL Thompson Testing is teaming with the DFI to assist

with the fund raising effort for this important project

Working in conjunction with the Deep Foundation Institute (DFI), (HPW) is using its global reach to help inform our industry of the importance to help fund this critically important research study that will be managed by the DFI’s Helical Piles & Tiebacks Committee (HPTC).

Here is an overview description of the research study objective:

It is proposed that a research study on the design and performance of helical (screw) piles under seismic conditions be undertaken. The results of this research study will be published in the DFI Journal. The study will concentrate on Seismic Design Categories D, E, and F as designated in the International Building Code (IBC), and soil Site Classes D (Stiff Soil), E (Soft Soil), and F (Special Soil) per the IBC.

The research will benefit the public by helping to ensure that helical (screw) piles are being applied and used effectively in seismically active areas.  The research will benefit the deep foundation industry by generation of a high quality journal article based on original research funded by various entities both public and private.  The research also may lead to better understanding of the behavior of other slender pile types under seismic loading including small diameter driven piles, micropiles, tiebacks and anchors.

The study’s research director will be Amy Cerato, Ph.D., P.E., Rapp Foundation Presidential Professor at the University of Oklahoma, Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science.  Dr. Cerato’s CV.  Additionally, a team of knowledgeable seismic experts have volunteered to provide assistance to Dr. Cerato on an as needed basis.  The list of volunteers includes:

Daniel Pradel, Ph.D., P.E., G.E., DGE - UCLA Dep’t of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Armin Stuedlein, Ph.D., P.E. - Oregon State Univ. School of Civil & Construction Engineering

Hesham El Naggar, Ph.D., P.Eng.- Univ. Of Western Ontario Dep’t of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Moncef Souissi, M.S.C.E - CTL / Thompson

Sam Clemence, Ph.D., P.E. - Univ. Of Syracuse Dep’t of Civil & Environmental Engineering

James Wood, PileTech of New Zealand - Screw Pile Specialty Company

Yasser Abdelghany, Ph.D., P.Eng. - Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure - Highways British Columbia

Click here to read additional detail about the study

Fund Raising Campaign

The Helical (Screw) Pile Seismic Study fund raising campaign was formally launched at the October meeting of the DFI Helical Piles & Tiebacks Committee meeting held in Atlanta.  

The total amount needed to fund the study is $250,000

The total amount of contributions pledged to date is $68,000

Only $182,000 to go

The list of contributors to date includes:

  • CTL / Thompson
  • Deep Foundations Institute
  • Hubbell-Chance
  • MacLean Power Systems - MPS Civil
  • Patriot Foundation Systems
  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution

A great big THANKS goes out to these companies that are leading the way for this critically important study for our industry.

The fund raising team currently consists of the following volunteers:

  • Bill Bonekemper (team leader) -
  • John Pack - IMR / HeliPile
  • Krista Deece - Magnum Piering
  • David Bruce - Hubbell-Chance
  • Wayne Thompson - CTL / Thompson

More volunteers are needed and would be greatly appreciated.

To contribute and/or to volunteer, please contact:

DFI Helical Piles & Tiebacks Committee Launches Fund Raising Campaign for a Major Helical (Screw) Pile – Seismic Research Study Project

by Bill Bonekemper

Publisher - Editor-in-Chief

November, 2014

Bill Bonekemper

DFI - HPTC Member