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Liberty Lake Park:

Where the Talk Led to the Walk!

The foundation of successful helical distributorships is based on two pillars: an excellent product and good installers (with solid engineering advice). We have been fortunate with our manufacturer relationships over the past 25 years and are now supplying IDEAL Foundation Products to our dealer network. What makes for a good installer? Integrity, competence, and know-how are obvious skill sets that will produce consistent results. Less qualitative are the people skills that allow the contractor to gain the customer/owner’s confidence while discerning the difference between what a customer thinks they want versus what they need. A good contractor often will simply follow the lead of the owner’s reps, the engineer, or the GC. On other occasions, the situation may be more fluid, and a knowledgeable, innovative contractor’s suggestions may help improve the process.    

Art Koziol of Audubon Environmental, one of Danbro’s first installers, is a skilled helical technician who understands the difference between what a customer wants and what they need. Art takes the time to discuss the project with the owner or their reps to better understand their goals and make suggestions where appropriate.  Sometimes, there is a disconnect between customer expectations versus the reality of the finished product, particularly when the project utilizes unfamiliar technology. The environmental clean-up and construction at Liberty Lake are an example of how the teamwork of an experienced, communicative engineer and installer can lead to an improved outcome.  Click to Read Walkways Easy on the Environment Article

For the past half century, Liberty Lake in Burlington County, NJ has been a hub for corporate parties, family reunions, graduation and birthday parties, charitable and political events, and community days. When owner Andy Pritikin founded Liberty Lake Day Camp in 2002, he was leasing the property.  Within a few years, the camp’s potential was obvious, so, in 2006, Mr. Pritikin purchased the property outright.  Since then, counselors have been entrusted with guiding and caring for over 1,000 campers each summer. Recently, Liberty Lake underwent a capital improvements project.  Active Environmental, of Mount Holly, NJ was contracted to clean up/deepen the lake, dam the creek, and build a bulkhead.  Helicals would be used on the dam and the bulkhead. Carla Lombardo and Art Koziol of Audubon Environmental & Helical Piers Inc. were chosen as the helical installer. Kris Kluk, Ph.D., P.E., of Kluk Consultants, an old hand at helical designs (with a hundred plus to his credit), was the engineer of record.   Click to Read Art Koziol Cuts Helical Teeth on Walkway Article

Andy and Art, both gregarious go-getters, hit it off immediately. A bulkhead was needed in the popular pavilion section of the park to prevent erosion. This area features a pavilion and picnic stations on a grassy knoll.  As the two men discussed the project, Art sensed Andy’s pride in ownership, a desire for constant improvement, and an openness to suggestions. In the spirit of their open dialogue, Art suggested a walkway to cap the bulkhead to improve aesthetics and lake access.  Andy was intrigued. Kris Kluk also felt that runoff from the steep slope could cause hydrostatic pressure on the bulkhead and could counter the dredging efforts over time.  Kris Kluk proposed sheeting on the land side with soldier piles consisting of 1 ½” square shaft with 6” grout filled PVC casing to penetrate the hard clay. Piles ultimately went 22’, while the vinyl sheeting, installed with a small hydro-pack and 750 lb. vibro-hammer, went between 12’ – 14’.  Steel rods connected the vinyl on the water side to the land side and, together with the decking on top, locked everything together like a box. A ditch filled with stone running the length of the sheeting on the land side, with mesh tubing beneath the walkway, would conduct the runoff out to the lake.  Sold! Andy was convinced that utility was served, and aesthetics enhanced, for just a few dollars more. Click to Read Liberty Lake Case History

Carla and Art of Audubon Environmental and many of our seasoned helical installers have, at times and where appropriate, shared their thoughts on projects. Not all architects, engineers, PMs, GCs, or owners are as familiar with helical technology as are those who have worked with it for more than twenty years. Liberty Lake was a perfect example of one of those situations where experienced engineers and installers sensed a receptive audience and shared their thoughts, leading to a better outcome for the customer. Owner Andy Pritikin is figuratively a happy camper and his customers, with a new walkway and an enhanced playground, are literally happy campers!   Click to Read Other Case Studies on Walkways

by Pat Haffert

Danbro Vice President

March, 2022

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