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A Team of CTL Thompson Engineers Recently Managed the Static Load Tests Completed at the HPW-DFI Helical Piles Tiebacks Anchors Tradeshow & Educational Seminar

When Bill Bonekemper conceptualized this first-of-a-kind event for the helical pile industry, live load testing of helical piles was one of the important components in his mind.  His first phone call on the topic was with CTL Thompson’s Wayne Thompson to expose the idea and try to determine that something like this could be done well at a live event.  Wayne replied - “absolutely a great idea, and yes we can do this.”

And so the planning efforts began about one year ahead of the event dates.  Wayne knew right away he would be bringing his two senior engineers who have countless hours of experience with static load testing with him - Chip Leadbetter and Ryan Beck

The number of volunteers needed for this effort went well beyond the CTL team and included:

  • Matt Conte with Conte Company, the chair person for all live exhibits and the architect for all load testing
  • BJ Dwyer with Magnum Piering, who supplied all of the load test beams, dunnage, and necessary supplies and equipment
  • Ben White with GRL Engineers, who supplied the equipment and conducted the live demonstrations of dynamic compression load testing of a helical pile
  • Karen Dawson with Jacobs Engineering Group, who was the chair person for all speaker presentations including load tests and the contest for attendees to submit capacity predictions for one of the test piles using the provided soils report and installation torque readings
  • Mary Ellen Large, with DFI, who provided valuable input and suggestions for how to architect and managie the load testing event

And how did all of this planning and hard work pan out -   STUPENDOUSLY!  

Creative ideas are one thing - executing them to perfection takes excellent efforts by highly qualified people.

And when all the hard work was over - some unwinding, some laughs, a couple of  cold brews and a great burger meal was enjoyed by some team members at Bones’ Burgers - a Cincinnati favorite.

June 2019

Chip Leadbetter, Wayne Thompson, Ryan Beck

Wayne Thompson, Mary Ellen Large Chip Leadbetter, Ryan Beck, Karen Dawson

A Great BIG Thanks Goes to the Entire Team!