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New Thread Bar Adapter from Chance Improves Tieback Installation Efficiency

The Chance Universal Adapter allows square shaft helical piles to be connected directly to thread bar or all thread rods. In a tieback application, the adapter allows installers to attach thread bar on the front side of the wall and then countersink the entire pile past the wall.

Once preferred torque is reached with the SS5 or SS150 square shaft lead or extension, simply insert the bolt through the Adapter and the lead section and tighten the provided nut. On the other end of the Adapter, insert any brand of 1-inch diameter thread bar into the opening and attach with the appropriate bar nut. Placing the drive tool over the thread bar allows the installer to drive directly on the thread bar to complete the installation.  

“A Chance Square Shaft Lead provides the lowest cost per kip at load ranges of 50 kips or less due to their high torque efficiency and low material cost,” explains Gary Seider, P.E., Engineering Manager for Chance Civil Construction. “Since helical anchors transfer load to the soil by end bearing on the helical plates, not skin friction, the Universal Adapter allows engineers to use less steel to obtain the same capacity.”

Since the Adapter allows the thread bar to be attached outside of the wall and counter sunk, a job can be completed without requiring personnel or equipment to go behind the wall, providing a safer installation method.

Chance helical tieback anchors provide lateral support in soil retention applications including both permanent and temporary sheet pile walls, marine bulkheads, concrete reinforced walls, precast concrete panel walls, and more. They have been used in multi-tier tieback walls to heights of 50 feet.

Unlike driven piles, square shaft anchors can be installed with small construction equipment in limited access sites and do not cause vibration that may damage adjacent structures.

To learn more about the Universal Thread Bar Adapter, visit the Chance Foundation Solutions website or contact your local Chance distributor for pricing and availability.

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