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  • Installed (5) AB Chance RS2875.203 round shaft helical piles to an embedment depth of 20 ft. to support of a beach house addition
  • The leads were configured with 10”/12”/14” helix bearing plates
  • Bolted new construction caps were used to resist uplift
  • All (5) piles achieved 7000 ft. lbs. of torque within the 20 ft. depth
  • Piles were installed with a Cat 305 excavator equipped with a 16K Digga drive head and CTS Torque Hub monitoring
  • Existing structure was supported by 12” Cypress timber Piles

Breslin Contracting, Inc.

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New Castle, DE 19720

Phone: 302-322-0320

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Breslin Contracting Installed (5) Helical Piles as Deep Foundations for a House Addition in Lewis, Delaware

February, 2024

Breslin Contracting