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A Snapshot Look at Average Installed Helical Pile Prices Across the United States

by Bill Bonekemper


April, 2016

What is the average cost of a 20’ deep helical pile?

HPW is asked this question frequently, and our first response is, “there is no reliably consistent average cost across all types of projects.”  After years of repeating this answer, HPW decided to make an attempt to see if there are some pricing patterns in different regions of the U.S.

A combination of (21) installation contractors, distributors and manufacturers were contacted by HPW and asked for cost estimates for the following:

  • 20’ pile with (2) helix bearing plates – galvanized
  • 20 kip allowable capacity
  • No cobbles or other obstructions in the soils
  • (1) new construction pile cost; 30 piles or less
  • (2) remedial application cost - residential

HPW organized the participants by (5) geographic regions in the U.S. – Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, South and Southeast, Midwest and Plains, West and Southwest and Northwest.  The following numbers represent the averages of the prices gathered for each region and the numbers were rounded to the nearest $10.

New Construction Helical Pile with Grade Beam Cap

  • Northeast & Mid Atlantic - $740
  • South & Southeast - $690
  • Midwest & Plains - $710
  • West & Southwest - $680
  • Northwest - $790

Note:  All companies suggested that these per pile prices would be higher if the site conditions presented challenges.  Likewise, all companies suggested that these prices could be lower for larger projects with more than (30) piles and site conditions are favorable.

Remedial Helical Pile with Bracket

  • Northeast & Mid Atlantic - $1380
  • South & Southeast - $1120
  • Midwest & Plains- $1090
  • West & Southwest - $1410
  • Northwest - $1390

Note:  All companies reinforced the point that these prices for remedial work are for a typical residential project.  Commercial projects or projects with challenging sites would probably be priced higher.