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Helical Pile World eNews Subscription Home Helical Pile World - The Global Information Source For The Helical Pier Industry would like to thank you for visiting our unique site devoted entirely to the business and science of helical piles. We would like you to know that HelicalPileWorld is not affiliated with any manufacturer, dealer, distributor, or installer of helical piles, and we pledge to maintain an objective, unbiased and professional web site at all times.

The mission of is to provide objective, valuable and timely information for a wide variety of people and organizations with interests in helical piles including:

  • Helical Pile Manufacturers – that design, manufacture & market helical piles
  • Engineers & Architects – who design & specify solutions using helical piles
  • Contractors – who install helical piles
  • Equipment Manufacturers – that make & support the equipment used to install helical piles
  • DOT & Other Regulatory Groups – that oversee public projects where helical piles are specified
  • Academicians – who conduct research studies & report their findings concerning helical piles & their applications
  • Building Code Officials – who provide the certification process & provide industry oversight

The HPW staff wants to establish relationships with the people who have helped shape the helical pile industry. We want to get to know you, and we want to work together with you to make The Global Information Source for the Helical Pile Industry. If you are interested in joining our Technical Review Panel or becoming a Contributing Author, please click on Authors or Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you.We invite you to navigate through and evaluate our site. Your feedback and opinions are both welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Yours in Helical Piles,

Bill Bonekemper

Publisher & Editor-In-Chief

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