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Structural Systems Repair Group (SSRG) Installs  (7) Helical Tieback Anchors for Retaining Wall in Cincinnati

Spring, 2017

Structural Systems Repair Group

2824 Stanton Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45206


Project Overview

Structural Systems Repair Group (SSRG), with headquarters in Cincinnati, OH, was contracted by general contractor, Building Crafts, to complete a project for the Metropolitan Sewer District of Cincinnati (MSD) by installing (7) helical tieback anchors for a retaining wall to prevent additional sloughing and washout of a hillside along the Ohio River.

The City of Cincinnati is fundamentally built on seven hills with many structures and roads carved into hillsides.  Problems with landslides and related soil movement are a well known fact of life in the city.

With a couple of years of wet weather, problems with soil movement on slopes adjacent to the Ohio River began to occur on a more frequent basis.

“Building Crafts contacted us to help come up with a retaining wall solution to stabilize a small area along Riverside Drive where significant sloughing had begun,” said project manager Ben Steinhauer.  “It was a challenging site, and the GC used one of their cranes to lower our skidsteer, helical tieback anchors and other equipment into the pit where the retaining wall had been constructed,” Steinhauer added.

(7) 2.875” helical tieback anchors with 10”,12”,14” helix bearing plates were installed at a 15 degree angle to an average depth of 35 ft.  The tension load capacity for each anchor was 75 kips.

The anchors were attached to an H beam and wood lagged retaining wall.  The project was successfully completed in one day.