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Ram Jack Foundation Solutions Installs (27) Helical Piles and Anchors to Successfully Stabilize a Food Lion Store in Raleigh, NC that Experienced Significant Settlement

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions

4122 Bennett Memorial Road

Suite 101

Durham, NC 27705


The Food Lion building in Raleigh, NC was experiencing significant foundation settlement as well as vertical movement.  Cracks began appearing on both the exterior and interior of the masonry walls. Portions of the floor slab were also cracking.  Doors began jamming or separating from the walls and door frames.

Food Lion’s contractor hired Ram Jack Foundation Solutions to make the repairs.  Ram Jack then retained the engineering services of JS Consulting & Design to complete the remediation plan, which included the installation of (20) vertical helical piles to stabilize the settlement and (7) helical tieback anchors to prevent any additional lateral movement. The average installation depth for the piles was 35 ft.

The Ram Jack crew installed the vertical piles to 8,000 ft. Lbs. And tieback anchors to 6,000 ft. Lbs.  When the piles were installed, the crew then attached Ram Jack brackets (RJ4021 and RJ4558.78) to transfer the building loads to the helical piles.

The project was successfully completed in (1) week, and there was no interruption to Food Lion work flow.