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Why Does a Green Sleeve Help My Helical Piles?

Let’s look at one feature that makes Techno Metal Post helical piles stand out from the competition: Our high-density polyethylene green sleeve.

When soil freezes, water in the soil turns into ice and the soil expands to push the ground surface upwards, resulting in frost heave. Expansive soil can also alternate between shrinking and swelling with seasonal changes in its moisture content. This too can cause ground movements.

Our green sleeve offers a unique benefit. It is designed to reduce the friction between the surrounding soil and the helical pile shaft. Testing has shown that the friction can be reduced by as much as 70% when you compare a sleeved shaft to a shaft without the green sleeve in the frost zone.

Normally, helical piles are designed and installed to be anchored in a stable layer of soil below the frost line or zone of potentially swelling soil. Specifically, helices found in a deeper, stable soil layer, will resist uplift forces caused by frost or expansive soil.

The green sleeve then minimizes these potential uplift loads. For shallow applications of lightly loaded structures, such as deck foundations or other residential structures, the use of high-density polyethylene green sleeves reduces the effects of soil friction and expansive soil. Overall, this reduces having the risk of future damage to your structure.

Call your local dealer if you have questions, they will be happy to chat with you and take the time to explain the benefits of our technology. Click the link below to contact a dealer:

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by Nadia Tardif

Marketing Manager

September, 2023