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Terracana Installs (220) Helical Piles for an 1100 Ft. Boardwalk in Tsawwassen British Columbia

Terracanna Foundation Solutions, Inc.

1900 Valmont Way

Richmond, BC V6V1Y4


In 2016 Terracana Foundation Solutions was contracted to design, engineer and construct an entire boardwalk in the marshes of Tsawwassen south of Vancouver, BC.  The team at Terracana chose helical piles as the best foundation support for the boardwalk because of the small footprint of the installation equipment and for the minimal impact the piles and the installation process would have on the estuary.

A total of (220) 2.875” schedule 80 piles were installed to an average depth of 40 feet.  The lead sections were designed with 10-12-14 inch helix bearing plates.  All of the piles were hot dip galvanized.  A pre-production load test to 40 kips was successfully completed.  Terracana manufactured all of the helical piles.

This was a build-as-you-go project with the Terracana crews using a mini excavator with an extended reach boom for helical pile installation. Terracana’s team installed the helical piles and constructed the entire 14’ wide boardwalk including the handrails in 2.5 months.


Terracana Foundation Solutions Terracana Foundation Solutions