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Techno Metal Post Alaska Installs (6) Helical Piles for a Platform to Accommodate a Satellite Dish in Scammon Bay, Alaska

Techno Metal Post Alaska

5092 Meadow Dr., Suite A

Homer, AK 99603

Phone: (907) 299-3334

After numerous weather delays, Techno Metal Post Alaska, LLC was able to install 4 of our P6 (6") helical piles in Scammon Bay, Alaska. Just accessing the remote Alaska town was tough enough. The travel for over 10,000# of equipment and materials required us to utilize only aircraft. The first leg of travel involved flying everything onto an air cargo jet to the Western Alaska ‘hub” city of Bethel, Alaska. The next leg required several smaller flights on the a smaller plane to the coastal city of Scammon Bay. Our EM-1 machine fits beautifully into the smaller cargo plane. Adding another factor, this February job saw temperatures dip below -20 degrees with wind chills much lower.

The 6” helical piles were installed to accommodate a platform above the communications building which will accommodate a satellite dish. The decision was made to elevate the dish due to site spatial limitations and the fact that angle of the dish was so low due to the extreme northern latitudes.

Techno Metal Post also provided and installed the steel platform as part of our scope of work. Most of the platform was fabricated to be bolted together on site with limited welding between the piles and platform. Despite the cold temperatures and limited resources in town, our crew was able to get everything installed in just a few days.

About Techno Metal Post Alaska

Techno Metal Post Alaska (TMP AK) is Alaska-based helical pile installation business. According to company owner, Dave Northup, TMP AK is Alaska’s largest installer of helical piles and has completed all types of projects in all types of conditions from Southeast Alaska to the Bering Sea.

Northup says much of the company’s success is due to the versatile products and equipment that gives his crews the ability to complete just about any project in any environment.  Techno Metal Post’s proprietary installation equipment enables us to install piles in areas where conventional equipment cannot access.