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Structural Systems Repair Group (SSRG) Installs (62) Helical Piles for USPS Office Structural Upgrades in Middletown, OH

Structural Systems Repair Group

2824 Stanton Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45206


Project Overview

Structural Systems Repair Group (SSRG), with headquarters in Cincinnati, was contracted by the USPS office in Middletown, OH to install (62) helical piles as the underpinning solution to remedy the existing foundation settlement issues.


The project architect, Karl R. Rohrer Associates, recommended using helical piles as the solution to remedy the foundation settlement issues that had been occurring in the existing building.

SSRG performed a pre-production  helical pile compression load test before the installation of the production piles. Test results confirmed the pile design as recommended to meet the required load capacities. The soil conditions for this site were reported to be of poor quality, and helical piles were confirmed to be the best deep foundation solution for this problem.

SSRG is installing all of required helical piles as well as the concrete grade beams along the perimeter of the building to support existing building footers.