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The static load tests, according to the Davisson Offset Limit, had ultimate capacities of 1150kN and 1350kN.  The two helical pile test piles were installed to 11.5m (38 feet) and had installation torques of 65,000 ft-lbs and 120,000 ft-lbs.  The first helical pile had 7” diameter shaft and four 20” diameter helixes and the second helical pile had 9 5/8” diameter shaft and three 26” diameter helixes. 

When Roterra has finished their scope of work, there will be 353 helical piles installed from 30 to 50 feet depth with a total of 1,321 helixes ranging from 12” to 30” in diameter.  Installation torques will range from 6,000 ft-lbs to move than 150,000 ft-lbs.

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Roterra Recently Completed Two Successful Pre-production Static Compressive Load Tests for a Residential Apartment Complex

July 2020

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