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Ram Jack Texas Installs (12) Helical Piles to Support Construction Columns for a New Mezzanine in Rockwell, TX

Ram Jack Texas - Texas

(713) 597-8970

SPR Packaging out of Rockwall, TX was looking at expanding due to growth within their company. The project was to install four columns to help support an addition for a mezzanine in an existing building. Ram Jack installed (12) 3 ½” helical piles to support (4) columns for the mezzanine on the exterior wall. A concrete drill rig couldn’t get close enough to the existing wall to support the required columns. The job was set to be done in two days, and the Ram Jack team was successful in meeting that goal.

Project Information

  • SPR Packaging / Joe Hill Engineering
  •  Installing Helical Piles for New Construction
  • New Construction Helicals for (4) New Pile Caps for columns to support new mezzanine. 
  • (12) 3.5” Helical Piles with 8”-10”-12” Helix Configuration
  • 10,700 ft-lbs Minimum Torque / 37.82 Kips Allowable Capacity  (3 piles per pile cap – 112 Kips Allowable Capacity)
  • Installed New Construction Brackets at specified elevation
  • Onsite time – 1 day

Fall 2021

Ram Jack Texas Ram Jack Texas