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Ram Jack Texas Installs (11) 3.5” Helical Piles to Lift Warehouse in Coppell, TX

Ram Jack Texas - Texas

(713) 597-8970

In Coppell, Texas, Ram Jack assisted in the solution for a tilting wall of a local warehouse. The panels had settled around 2 to 3 inches on one of the corners. Ram Jack was called in by one of the contractors at Accord Construction, who was working for the owners at Duke Realty. The job specs were done by Childress Engineering who worked closely with Sam Rosenberk with Fortified Engineering who gave the layout and design. The crew excavated down below the panels to install the piles. Once all the piles were installed the crew hooked them up to a lifting manifold and made a synchronized list and got full recovery. Accord, Childress, and Duke Realty watched the lift and were very impressed with the work. The job took Ram Jack two days to complete.

Summer 2021

Ram Jack Texas Ram Jack Texas

Specs and Products used:

  • (11) 3.5” Helical Piles with 8”-10” Helix Configuration
  • 4021.55 Remedial Bracket with a  4.5” Sleeve
  • 10,800 ft-lbs / 34.0 Kips Allowable Pile Capacity
  • Embedment – 21’