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Ram Jack is First Helical Pile Manufacturer to Receive Its Revised ESR-1854 that Now Includes Compliance to the Seismic Design Categories D, E and F

by Bill Bonekemper

January 2021

Another very important milestone has been reached for our industry, as Ram Jack is the first helical pile manufacturer ( to have several of its products approved by the International Code Council Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) for use in high seismic zones D,E and F.

Click here to read ESR-1854 Note: Section 5 “Conditions of Use” contains the revised seismic design category information.

There will certainly be others to follow Ram Jack’s lead, and these accomplishments will surely open doors for helical pile products to be installed in regions that heretofore were off limits.  Of course there will be decisions and directives that will be made by local building officials, but the challenges to obtaining design approvals will be significantly reduced.

Not only does Team Ram Jack deserve a big congratulations, but everyone needs to remember the dedication and hard work that was put forth by the manufacturers that comprised the Ad Hoc Committee to gain approval for the revisions to AC358.  Their efforts along with the efforts of the engineers at CTL Thompson (, who provided guidance and communications with ICC-ES engineers, also deserve recognition and a big congratulations from our entire industry.  

HPW published an article about the Ad Hoc’s work and accomplishments in June last year.  Click here to read the article