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Ram Jack Texas Installs (26) Helical Piles to Raise an Exterior Beam for a Church Near Burlington, TX

Ram Jack Texas


Ram Jack Texas

Scope of Work 

Helical Piles installed by Ram Jack Texas, in San Antonio. Engineering services provided by Fortified Engineering.

  • Install (26) exterior 2.875 inch  helical  with 8’ 10’ threaded connections
  • Install (26) #4021 remedial brackets
  • Install (26)  #4107 4ft guide shelves 
  • Install (104) #4387 7ft extensions
  • Piles were installed with 36 kips allowable 73 kips ultimate capacity
  • Embedment depth of the piles averaged 35 feet below grade

The church consisted of a pier & beam foundation (crawl space) with a concrete perimeter beam and wood floor system. The perimeter beam was supported on concrete piers that had failed. The wood floor system was also supported on concrete piers that had shifted. Other companies had attempted to repair the foundation of the church over the years with very poor results. Previous foundation repair companies' solution was to raise the wood beams and exterior walls off of the concrete perimeter beam and place their load on concrete blocks bearing on the surface of the soil.

Over several months of discussion with  Austin archdioceses and  church members along with  consulting  for Fortified Engineering Solutions, a plan was finalized to sever the existing concrete piers attached to the perimeter beam, remove the concrete blocks installed by the other companies and install 26 exterior Helical Piles to lift and support the foundation. 

Heavy rains during the spring and early summer of 2021 delayed us starting this project. When the weather finally cooperated, Ram Jack crews were able to install the required helical piles and raise the exterior beam 12 to 15 inches.  

End Results

The church was raised with no damage to stained glass windows around the exterior of the church. Multiple church members commented that they were amazed at the end result. They couldn’t believe that Ram Jack was able to do such a fantastic  job and finished a day early.

Summer 2021

Ram Jack Texas - Houston Ram Jack Texas - Houston