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Disaster Relief & Helical Piles

by Rachel Evertt

July, 2022

Disaster relief and helical piers often can go hand in hand. When dealing with destruction, or damage to a property due to extreme weather conditions it can be concerning. It does not matter if you live on the coast, in an area prone to flooding, working to ensure you have taken the right precautions or use the best solution is key.

Helical piering experts, engineers, and contractors can look at the property and help aid in the best foundation solution. In areas that may flood, or there is a potential for a hurricane, it is important to understand that concrete foundations have a very high risk to erode or weaken the soil that is surrounding the property.

The use of helical piers allows for little soil disturbance and can even be installed when there is still standing water. Helical piers are used to aid in recovery after extreme storms to help prevent further damage and prevent future damage should there be another natural disaster.

Helical piers provide a great advantage even when they are not being used to aid in natural disaster or storm restoration.

  • Advantages of Helical Piers:
  • Superior lateral stability
  • Greater section modulus strength to resist twisting and deflection
  • Patented cross-bolt connection
  • Greater load capacities
  • Easy to install
  • Installs in any season
  • Minimal soil disturbance
  • Not affected by a high-water table

Even with standing water, helical piles can be installed with no curing delays, and no vibration. There is no special equipment typically needed for installation. The equipment used to install helicals are standardly found on any construction site, such as a skid steer or excavator. There is no reason to wait when it comes to wanting to protect a large investment such as a property or home.

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