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BIG BIG Shoes to Fill – as Mark Bryant Takes the Reigns as Chairman of the DFI Helical Piles & Tiebacks Committee (HPTC) Following Gary Seider’s Six-Year Chairmanship

October 2019

Hubbell-Chance’s Engineering Manager, Gary Seider, recently decided to bring his six-year run as the HPTC committee’s chairman to end.  The announcement was made at the committee meeting held at the 44th Annual DFI Conference on Deep Foundations in Chicago on October 15.  It was announced that MacLean Power Systems Civil Products Division Engineering Manager, Mark Bryant, will take over for Gary Seider beginning immediately.

Under Seider’s leadership, the HPTC accomplished significant achievements in the ongoing efforts to advance awareness and knowledge surrounding helical piles and anchors through several important committee projects including – 1) publishing the first ever University PowerPoint Presentation for higher education, 2) obtaining inclusion of helical piles in the 2018 Building Code; 3) conducting both full-scale and laboratory-scale seismic testing on helical piles; 4) important revisions to the AC358 – the ICC-ES acceptance criteria for helical pile certification; 5) publishing the first ever Helical Pile Design Guide – along with several other accomplishments.

When Seider introduced Mark Bryant as his successor, Bryant was quick to thank him for his tireless work and many accomplishments with special emphasis on the successful technical projects.  Bryant the told the committee members that one of his primary goals as chairman is to help increase the membership and involvement of contractors in the HPTC.  “I would like to encourage more contractors to become members of the HPT committee.  Their input on developing the technical support needed to make helical products an option on every deep foundation and tieback project is crucial to our market advancement.”

 Bryant wants to continue helping to advance technical projects including an important seismic liquefaction testing project for which funding plans are currently being architected.

This author, along with all fellow committee members, would like to thank Gary Seider for a great six-year term while also offering our best wishes and support for Mark Bryant as the new chairman.