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Introducing the MPS Excalibur Technical Document

MacLean Power System’s Excalibur Displacement Pile (EPD) system are high-capacity helical displacement piles. One or more helical driver plates on an EPD pipe shaft provide the means for advancing the pile in adverse weather conditions, without vibration, and without producing waste soil that must be disposed offsite.  In addition to providing the means for advancing the pile, the helical plates also provide increased load-bearing surface area to resist axial compressive and tensile loads.

If needed, a grout column can be added to the EPD system during installation to enhance the structural performance of the EDPs. Pressure-grouting through the EPD pipe-shaft can produce a grout column with a diameter approximately equal to the largest driver plate.

MPS’s Excalibur Technical Document provides the design engineer and contractor a concise step-by-step method for design, installation, and testing EPD.  Methods outlined in the document include industry standard International Building Code (IBC), American Institute of Steel Construction Manual (AISE 360), and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA 2005) design procedures.

The Excalibur Technical Document addresses structural capacity, axial compressive and tension capacity, lateral load-deflection evaluation, flexure and buckling evaluation, and geotechnical design calculations.

The Technical Document also outlines key components of EDP that can be specified to match your project’s special needs: pipe shaft dimensions and materials, coupling types, and driver plate dimensions and materials.

Click Here to Access the Full MPS Excalibur Technical Document

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by Dan Cowan

August, 2022

MacLean Power Systems

Civil Products Group

481 Munn Road, Suite 300

Fort Mill, SC 29715


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