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Project Overview

Owning a home is not without its work. You need to maintain your house no matter its age or how many years you’ve lived there. But the longer you’re in a house, the more things need attention.

Homeowners in Moseley, VA, have lived in their house since it was built 40 years ago. They’ve previously dealt with other repairs to ensure their home’s stability. But they recently started to notice the front stoop was pulling away from the rest of the porch and house. This resulted in uneven concrete and cracking brick leading up to the house, which affected the safety and appearance of the house.

These types of problems can happen for a variety of reasons. It’s common for foundations and the soil underneath them to settle over time, but that doesn’t make it less troublesome or dangerous. Foundation settlement occurs when the soil underneath the home consolidates, expands, or heaves and is no longer able to properly support the structure. This applies not only to the house itself, but also structures like chimneys, patios, porches, and steps.

The homeowners wanted to fix their problematic porch and steps before any serious damage or injury occurred. They knew they could count on JES Foundation Repair for the best solution, as they previously worked with the company to shore up other areas of their foundation and walls.

They met with a JES certified field inspector who assessed the condition of the porch area of the one-story home. The inspector measured approximately 1.5” of settlement. He also noted areas with visible cracking and observed the section leaning away from the rest of the home.

The inspector recommended having four Helical Piles installed underneath the settling section. Helical Piles are advanced into the ground underneath the foundation, and they are ideal to use for lightweight structures like porches and steps. These piles permanently stabilize and can help lift settling foundations back to level, and they prevent any further settlement. They are more durable because of their round shaft and being made with galvanized steel.

The homeowners were eager to move forward with the work, which was completed by an experienced JES installation crew. The crew dug down two feet to expose the footing, and each 5’ 8-10 helix pile was installed 12’ into the ground and down to more stable soil. The piles also were attached to foundation brackets that were placed on the footing.

The crew foreman said the homeowners were pleased with every aspect of the job because their expectations were met with success of raising the porch 1.5” back to level. This gave them peace of mind and a safe and stable home they will be able to enjoy for years to come.

JES Foundation Repair Installs (4) Helical Piles to Underpin and Lift a Porch in Mosley, VA

by Holly Richards-Purpura

JES Foundation Repair

2410 Southland Drive

Chester, VA  23831