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IDEAL Installer - CMI Structural Solutions - Installs 4.92 Miles of Helical Piles to Support a 110,000 Square Foot Building in Ithaca, NY

IDEAL Foundation Systems

999 Picture Parkway

Webster, NY 14580


The CMI team installed 4.92 miles of steel in the ground for a  project in Ithaca, NY, and the (317) helical piles will support a 110,000 square foot building.  This five-story, mixed-use project will offer Ithacans an opportunity for an amenity-rich lifestyle in the heart of Ithaca. The project is located on the northeastern corner of the intersection of West State/MLK and Corn Street and will include approximately 130 units and 4,800 SF of commercial space

Helical piles produce zero vibration while being installed, so the brick walls being preserved for the new building and the diners next door were un-rattled and undisturbed.

IDEAL Foundation Systems IDEAL Foundation Systems

Number of Helical Piles:

Pile Specs:

Design Loads:

Average Depth:



5.5” O.D. 12-14-16 Helicies


85 Feet

Fill & Organic Clays with Gravel Layer at 70-90 Feet