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RIGHT NOW is the Time to Register

for this First-of-a-Kind Event  June 4-5 at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Cincinnati, Ohio

May, 2019

by Bill Bonekemper

Event Highlights

  • Live Installation & Testing Demonstrations - (5) Exhibitors in 40’ x 100’ Exhibit Spaces
  • Dedicated Load Tests - Static & Dynamic Compression Tests - Tension & Lateral Tests
  • Many More Exhibitors - Manufacturers, Suppliers and Service Companies
  • Indoor Speaker Presentations Including:
  • Helical Pile Basics
  • Design Methodologies
  • Product Certifications & Building Codes
  • Cyclic Loading Considerations
  • Load Testing - Setup, Conducting, Data Recording, Compilation, Analysis
  • Specialty Applications for Helical Piles, Anchors & Tiebacks
  • Corrosion Protection
  • . . . . and more
  • Teaching & Reference Materials for Educators & Students Including:
  • University PowerPoint Presentation - Basics of Helical Piles
  • Helical Pile Design Guide
  • Specification Guides

Due to the size of the building where the speakers’ program will be held, there is a seating limit of (300) people.  It is highly recommended that persons who want to attend this event complete their registration now to avoid the risk of getting shut out.  Here is the link to the event registration form on the DFI website -

Click Here to Learn More & Register

Who Should Attend

  • Contractors - especially contractors wanting to learn everything about installing and testing helical piles - all at one tradeshow and seminar
  • Engineers & Architects - the event site soil borings and report will be distributed; pile design logic will be presented by industry engineers; live torque displays during installations; capacity predictions and live load tests and analysis -
  • Electric Utility Professionals - see live demonstrations of guy anchors, foundations for transmission/substation structures and more
  • Building Officials - industry engineers will be making presentations and answering questions on local and national building codes and regulations relative to helical piles, anchors and tiebacks
  • Clean Energy Professionals - see presentations and live demonstrations on foundation solutions for solar and wind applications
  • Civil Engineering Professors & Students - learn about helical piles and their many, many applications and receive FREE DFI educational publications and slideshow presentations developed for college educators and students

What You Will See & Learn About

  • Alternative Solutions to 48” Drilled Shafts
  • Solar Array & Wind Turbine Foundations
  • Oil & Gas Pumping Station Foundations
  • High Capacity Helical Piles - 500 Tons or More
  • Electric Utility Anchoring
  • DOT Applications for Signage, Sound Walls and More
  • Foundation Underpinning & Augmentation
  • Marine Applications
  • Pile Design, Capacity to Torque Correlations, Live Pile Installations, Live Load Tests and Load Test Results and Analysis

         ........ This is a MUST SEE event      Click Here to Learn More & Register

If you have questions, please contact:

Angie Gibble at Deep Foundations Institute

Office: 973-423-4030



Bill Bonekemper at Helical Pile World


Email: Deep Foundations Institute