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Improve Your Design with HeliCAP 3.0

The importance of providing accurate foundation design information is absolutely critical for everyone in a building project.  Minor differences between design and installation can end up costing a project significant time and money.   

In a recent training session, Sean Hibbits of Intech Anchoring provided an excellent example of what happens all too often when merging design parameters to real world applications.

“In a recent project, HeliCAP 3.0 provided a foundation solution based on the site’s geotechnical report.  Fortunately, the contractor saw the benefit of getting more finite data and allowed us to come to the  jobsite for a simple helical spindown sampling which provided accurate torque ratings.  With this information, we were able to use HeliCAP’s optimization program to save several thousand dollars on the foundation system and provide a much more accurate design.”

Use HeliCAP 3.0 for more accurate designs  – you’ll save the contractor time, the owner money and your own professional credibility.   

The software is available to use instantly at no charge. Visit to create an account.

by Brent Adams

Nov 2020

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