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Helical Anchors Inc. Participated in the HPW-DFI Tradeshow Recently Held in Cincinnati

June 2019

The DFI tradeshow in Cincinnati was beneficial for HAI in many ways. Sales Manager Ryan Dungan, Sales Reps Justin Wolfswinkel and Mike O’Connor oversaw the 10’ x 12’ booth located at the 201 slot. From learning about lateral load installation, to the number of international manufacturing plants, and reuniting with longtime colleagues. The three reps have an array of experience between them. Mike has been in the helical pile industry for well over 20 years - spending time as an installer and now a sales rep. Ryan has been with HAI for over a decade beginning at the age of 21. Justin has been with HAI for six months. He continues to learn how the industry works. The show provided him an opportunity to see and experience many things. With Mike and Ryan as familiar faces at the show, Justin was able to meet some of the industry’s most well known names, such as Bill Bonekemper and Howard Perko.

The event provided a great opportunity to meet fellow manufacturers from across the country. From one booth to another, HAI put faces to names and talked shop. The hospitality from all companies was a highlight of the show. Every company was delighted to hear we were staying busy, as it was a testament to how the industry is doing well.  

Helical Anchors, Inc Sales Team

Helical Anchors Inc